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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Question of Life, the Universe and Everything

Tamma* 2 and I, in conversation yesterday:

me: you tell me what you've been doing

Tamma: oh nothing.. had a long weekend..would have been good except someone stole my bag.. and it was one of those bags which i always carry..had all those small yet irreplacable things which make up your daily life so now im severly incapacitated

me: uh oh did you lose money?

Tamma: anyway..pulling things back together but thats not really the problem... whats worse is that no one seemed to take me was like yea what did you expect will happen its not like i was really this case

anyway..then i lost my bus pass..

me: oh nooo

Tamma: which costs a grand

me: crap!!!

Tamma: so now im stuck in this existential crisis...

me: definitely looks like it

Tamma: something like...who am i? why am i here?? and where the hell is my bus pass???

me: hahahahha i think the last question is more important, helps you figure out the other two you kow :D

*Tamma = younger brother, in Kannada


  1. and i thought i was the only one who had my priorities right! :P
    mad woman!!!! :D

  2. ha ha....akka..tell him to take a shot of pan atlantic gargle blasters and he might find out the answer....!!

  3. the last question is more important, helps you figure out the other two

    Oh yes, figuring out the bus pass question will really help you get there ;)

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM

    heeeheee :-))

  5. Hehe... good that you explained what 'Tamma' means. Until then it looked like you were talking to a girl :D.

  6. Hey, your tamma sounds as intersting as you do! :-)

    Paapa, bag and bus pass yerdu hoitha?

    Hope he resolves his 'identity crisis' soon ;-)

  7. Paapa huduga..Why are you troubling the poor kid isssay!
    But then, your retort was super-funny!!

  8. Rayshma: Well you did promise to train me when you got here ;) Aren't I making you proud? :D

    Nikhil: Pan Galactic :) Welcome here... but I might be gettig this wrong? Have you already been here? Your style seems familiar.

    Amey: But of course!! He can't really walk to his destiny now, can he? :D

    SnS: :D

    Aditya: Well even if it were a girl it would still have been funny right? I try translations now and then seeing as how some readers aren't kannadigas :)

    Alwayshappykya: hehe! Thank you! My brothers are an interesting lot in general :D Yeah he lost both... knowing him he'll find the next philosophical question fairly soon now.

    I love lucy: haha!! What troubling ma... he confessed he had wanted to talk to me ever since... we specialise in kireek ;)

  9. ayioo akka.....adu naave...was too bored to login adakke hesaru haakiddu...!! and yeah..adu pan galactic..i dont think u will find it at the end of the universe...!!!

  10. Maybe losing the bus pass was his destiny. If so, he has already arrived :D

  11. now that we've met.. u still want me to train u? ;)

  12. stop ignoring this space. either blog or reply to comments :P