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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Refusing to bow down

You effing miserable excuses of humanity, it did not work. Boo bloody hoo, you suck. Because you thought you were making a point blowing up things and murdering innocents. But guess what? You failed to. And how sodding pathetic is that? You didn't accomplish anything you miserable failures!!!

Because we refuse to be scared. We refuse to bow down to you.

You see, you only have one trick up your sleeves and it's gotten rather old. Doesn't surprise us anymore. Sure you think we can't stop you, yet, and it looks like life returns to normal the next day, till you deign to grace us with your disgusting presence again. But don't for a moment think you've scared us and we've gotten used to living in terror. We refuse to.

I'm so angry. I could tear those perpetrators limb to limb and set fire to each individual piece after dousing them in oil. Hot oil. After dipping them in salt.

I hate the media too. I have the local rag next to me screaming 'Scores die as terrorists hunt Britons'. What the FUCK? I know I live in Britain, but does it not matter that 'scores of people' have died? Would this incident have not mattered at all if Americans and Brits had not been involved? And I know this is a rag I'm referring to, not a national newspaper, but I saw nearly the exact lines quoted in a national newspaper and it's really bothering me, this angle that foreigners and the wealthy were targeted. Excuse me, but you perhaps did not notice this in your haste, but people have died. And not all of them were wealthy or foreign. They were ordinary people. They don't matter? IS this incident important because it involved the rich and Un-Indian? And that Israeli links are being mentioned. Are the media not jumping ahead of themselves? What kind of actual proof exists for any of this? Could they kindly for once quit bothering about TRPs and circulation numbers and just give us the goddamn plain facts?!

And the police did actually get involved. Some of them died. That is awful. But they were doing something! Given their public image of lazy, corrupt, never-lifting-a-finger types, this is ... comforting? Pardon my callousness.

What I'm really sick of is the muslims getting the blame everytime. No I do not have proof to say they were not actually involved and should not be blamed. But with each incident the numbers against this part of the population go up and that's just raising communal tensions. We do not need that!

A colleague came by and asked me if I had any relatives in Mumbai (And she actually said Mumbai!), I'm touched by that! Thanks J!

I' praying for the city and its people.

And as for the scum — I curse you. Shraap waala curse. Expletives aren't enough for you.

Edited to add: Gordon Brown has condemned the attacks.

Right. Thanks. That helps a whole lot ... Not. I'm sick of politicians making statements like this. We don't want to hear them anymore. They don't mean a thing.


  1. i know. the headlines left me for a loss of words... Brits and Americans??? Would it not have made the front page if there were only Indians killed???? Would it be less of a terror strike???

    hope they manage to control the situation soon. it's rather helpless to be watching all this... and not know what can be done.

  2. Its Pathetic!!!
    The way things are going, soon i will be hating the media as much as the terrorists..!

  3. If only all this rage could be bottled and thrown at those miserable excuses for humanity. Tear em limb from limb you say? I'm in.

  4. Out of all the anger ridden posts I've read so far, your method of punishing those effing bas***ds ( tear and douse in hot oil), sounds most right!

    They don't care about death, we know..they end up in hell anyway. But, the key is to not let them die...make then writhe in pain until they plead to be killed..still not let them die.