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Friday, December 05, 2008

WTF moment

Found this while doing my daily round of the web.

Seriously?! Like, THIS makes news? Really? And they want their votes back? For THIS reason?!

Listen up you dumb people, you have it going good. You're not living in Mumbai are you? Coz the terror attacks just happened there. Oh and they happen quite regularly. And there's no saying for the people there if they'll be alive the next day. You don't live in Congo either. Or in Zimbabwe. In short, you actually have nothing like a life-size crisis to deal with. So instead of making a fuss about how your President-elect does not use the latest gadgets and is hence obsolete and you think that amounts to him being incompetent, take a deep breath, calm down, let go and GET A BLOODY LIFE. Try focusing on reading up on his policies so you're well informed. Or get off your ass and do something to help people who have actual problems.

Oh btw, the Ipod? And the Mac? They're just brand names at the end of the day. No, the world won't end if you cease to have one. Yes yes, it's perfectly true. Deal with it.


  1. :)
    SEV's lab mate, a PhD came and asked him 2 days after the attack if there's something going on in *Mumbaay*. This is the state of the educated people in this country. I'm not entirely surprised by what makes the news.

  2. Err, I think somebody has a Zune and is proud of it ;)

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    God save these people!

  4. why am i not surprised?

  5. and since i CAN say it here... let me... this little piece of info came up in a meeting today... and then was promptly force-fitted to music consumption & downloads.
    more gory details when we meet. or actually, screw it! u don't loouuvvee me anymore... u no talk to me!!!! :(

  6. Haha! I sensed the frustration in your words..but couldn't stop but laugh at the article.

    Just like some dumb 24X7 news channels who will discuss any ant farting as major breaking news..these sites just dig on gossip ...especially since its Obama! :-)

    The readers are wise enough to read,laugh and let go of this trivial thing. Aren't they?

  7. Whoahh!---

    It seemed like i just heard somebody scolded me? lol:_)

    Very powerful words.

    Well...u know, selfish world!

  8. You expect sense from Internet commenters?

  9. Oh crap I just realised I'm one of them.

  10. Welcome to the new age news coverage :)

    But to be honest, that article did have some satirical tone to it.

  11. yeah that's pretty funny lol.....u would think there was better things to write about :P

  12. Grafxgurl6:19 PM

    i cannot understand how people are so obsessed with Obama just because he's going to be the first black prez.. um, ok?

    just goes to show where people's priorities are.

    while the rest of the world suffers...people here are wondering what the Obama's dog is going to be !

  13. lol its funny but there's a real serious message in this post...basically those ppl need to GET A LIFE.

    Well-said Dewdrop!


  14. Galadriel: Umm hon, degrees don't necessarily equal an education. This would come under general knowledge no? Also, it's not even related to the US as such... I'd be surprised if I found an amreeki who was really aware of the situation.

    Amey: Aha! Galat jawab!! :D Don't you think I'd be defending the Zune if I actually had one? I don't happen to have a music player as such... depend on my phone for those sporadic moments when I feel like I need some music :)

    SnS: They'd probably crib about God himself being very unhip and tell him to bugger off... then what? :D

    Rayshma: I honestly don't think anyone is surprised! And as for your meeting... it is that kinda industry no? It does sorta matter there... You'd know better though :)

    AlwaysHappyKya: hehe! Well... I should hope the readers are wise enough to... but not all of them would be, innit?

    Mys Lyke Meeh: Welcome here! It was a general rant... selfishness taken into account!

    Vaudevillian Aloha! Good to have you here again... where've you been? And what's wrong with being an internet commentor? Half the time they make more sense than traditional media anyway.

    Anna Bond: Well... that's the Guardian for you, they don't do anything without satire/sarcasm. I'm not sure what irked me more, that this became news or that people are making such a big deal out of something so nonsensical.

    Silvara: Precisely!

    Grafxgurl: I guess people are tired of seeing inefficient white presidents and therefore grab any chance to have someone different at the vanguard. That is... understandable perhaps. But debates on his dog and music player... that's really stretching it!

    Keshi: Thank you girl :) Doubt the message is visible though... or that it makes a difference!

    Poof!: Thank you! And welcome here :)

  15. But then, why did you pick up this single article from myriad crazy ones in the world?

    I know what you mean by crazy articles. Then again, if you have been following Indian media (especially Times and news channels) for last year or two, you should be accustomed to it by now.

  16. It jumped out at me from somewhere on the homepage, and that immediately got my goat.

    And yes, TOI and the like have for long been abusing media-space... but I guess I thought the Guardian is different... mistake perhaps?