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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ghar ki baatein

Seeing beloved faces and wondering how they;ce changed in six months. Banter.
The family (including very time-conscious and living-by-the clock type g'parents) stay up way past midnight for you to get home.
The folks switch on a Good-night mat because you're allergic to mosquito coils.
And then are SO excited about your being home that they come in to wake you up hour on the hour... jet-lag and sleep deprivation be damned :D
Papa proudly pointing out developments.... and you look on amusedly because this is where you lived and it just feels nice to be back, development or not.

Mum makes pudine ke chutney... though you didn't say a word to her about it :D
Gran and G'pa saying 'We were just waiting for that wondering why it took you so long' when you repeat your bachpan ka aadat of going and pulling their cheeks and squiching the living daylights out of them.
Dad says 'We programmed the st-box to get English channels just for you!' ... forgetting you don't actually watch TV :D
Dad also BLARES the Carpenters on the stereo... excited about getting the whole collection to listen to :)
Just being at home... wandering from room to room... and reconnecting... revelling... being on Vacation :)
Other things can wait.
Neo... I do miss you though. You better be planning me a grand re-union-cum-birthday party :)


  1. it's a wonderful feeling. man, i wish i could go back too.. :)

  2. snippetsnscribbles5:56 PM

    you going home ???? I hate you!! :( :( :(

    But have a good time hun :)

    I still hate you :(

  3. have fun at home, child... get pampered silly and come back and expect the same from those here! :D

    nobody misses me!!!!
    snippets... let's form a "i hate DDD coz she's gone home" club!! :D

  4. have a good break DDD

  5. Anonymous10:25 PM

    *shocked* she has ALREADY GONE home??

    Well, thats more reason to form the club!!! :P

  6. good knight mat is much better than mosquito-curtains, believe me!

  7. I second the second comment.

  8. Galadriel: Yes yes, you will!!!

    SnS: Aiyyo!!! Eh mereko hate vate nai karneka, kya? Having a good time... tumhara bhi number aayega :D

    Rayshma: hee hee!!! Yes yes totally.... and stop inciting people against me!!! And make up your mind... between this post and the last your louve for me changes to hate?! Grrrrr!

    LVL: Thenkooo :D

    SSDS: 27th ri :D

    Anna Bond: I agree!!

    Amey: Please see comment response number 2 :P Where do you live btw?

  9. You'll just make any excuse to have pudine ka chutney!!!

    :P :P ...

  10. hahahahaha!!! They even served it on my flight :D

  11. 5 hours west of where you live. Home is in Pune :(

  12. in India, at home eating amma's hand cooked and being pampered crazy.


    Wanna go home tooooooooo!!

    ( booked tix for Feb end, will start counting down days now)

    You have a great time gal, enjoy and soak in every minute of that bliss :)

  13. btw.. neo = the one??
    just curious! ;)

  14. hv a good one Dewdrop! :)


  15. Amey: Awww... hope you get to come home soon!!

    AHK: Ya man, totally :D Feb isn't too far away :D

    Anna Bond: Haudu!

    Keshi: Thanks girly!