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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because I damn well please

Being home on vacation means I have time to blog about random rubbish :D
Although, on principle I like to avoid doing 'I've been upto this' kind of posts... but hey, it's the holiday mood... so I'll take a break from regular blogging and do just such a post.

What have I done since the last post? It took me two days of sleeping through the day to get over my jet lag. Today I was up (relatively) early and managed to go out shopping with mum. In typical womanly fashion we ended up wandering practically over the entire town trying to find the perfect material for a blouse ( I know, I know!)... what we did buy though is a saree for each of us and a suit... total unplanned purchases... but they made us happy :D I got a bottle green printed silk saree with a cream border and pallu and have since been trying to figure what design to get the blouse stitched in. Oh we also went to the tailor and I had to give measurements and all for a suit... I've done this stuff before but it amuses me a lot now... having gotten used to walking in, looking at labels and walking out after buying (or not). Also went to the bank and managed to get those buffoons to change my address... after SIX FLYING MONTHS. I'd put in a request the last time I was here and they did NOTHING. And now that is done, but I have to wait an entire month to get a new debit card and internet banking ID... a month that I don't have. Hmpfh.

Oh and mum took me to see a friend of hers who is a librarian. We socialise with comedians (other than having them as family)... and so this aunty was telling us about their evening of dumb charades from the weekend. Apparently someone cam eup with the brilliant title of "Ek sookhe kuen mein tairti hui mare hue kutte ki laash" to act out. Needless to say, everyone was in splits and no one got it.

Then mum brought me back home for lunch. Oh ya, I don't drive. So when I come home I have to be ferried around. I do manage to drive the two-wheeler if it's very necessary (read, urgent catch-up with friends who live near)... but otherwise I'm quite helpless. Also shameless... coz I refuse to learn driving :P Well, I'd like dad to teach me... but timings never match and that's pretty much my excuse. Lunch consisted of modak, rice and rasam, aloo sabzi... and more which I forget now. Then it was time for some random perusing of old RD articles which I had read and byhearted long since. See, that's the comfort of being at home... familiarity :)

Then... dad got home early and we went out to the optician and opthalmologist. I was given contact lenses. The doc pretty much treated me like a toddler... cut my nails and made me wash my hands properly and made sure they were dry and then made me practice putting on lenses and taking them off till he was satisfied I wouldn't gouge my eyes out. And once we go out of there (marvelling all the while that my glasses were off and I could see even then! And feeling weird without glasses) more shopping happened... the long sought after blouse piece was bought (by the light of a kerosene lamp as the peddlers were wrapping up for the day)... and we got home to dinner... consisting of the chat stall speciality here... cucumber slices with chutney and grated carrot and churmuri (puffed rice)... bhel (made at the table without any effort :D) sevaiya upma and still feeling hungry... mum's packed me off with a dabba of gajar halwa which waits by my side right now :D

Yes indeedy I'm having a vacation :D

Thus ends my random post. You read this far? Wowie! Thenks :D


  1. a. i read all ur posts.
    b. i told u what i think for the blouses.. STILL u ask!
    c. 4 days more for me to leave!!! YAYY!!!
    d. do these posts. i like to know what u do on vacation :D

  2. ooh.. my mum's a librarian. yeah, they're a crazy lot, guess where i get mine from, har,har!

  3. Stalkers!!! :P

    Rayshma: Yess yess I still ask... and I should email you about my holidays... not blog :P

    Galadriel: Get your WHAT from where? Mom? I thought she's south Indian? :D :P

  4. This post made me feel all fuzzy inside...bring on some more :D

    Modak on a regular day for lunch? You lucky lucky b***h!

    Enjoy so sooo happy for ya :)


    Jaldi jaldii aaaaaaaa!!!

    heheheh :D

  6. yeah right! :P
    YOU will MAIL?
    i don't think u're aware of the concept.
    why can't galadriel's mom be a south indian AND a librarian????? what am i missing here?
    she thinks she gets her madness from there. too much good food has made u dafter! :P

    why not online today????
    p.s.: NOBODY else told u what to do with the blouse... see?! :D i lauve u!! :D

  7. AlwaysHappyKya: hee hee!!! Yes yes enjoying fultoo :D

    Miss-understood: Only a few more days!!!! :D I'm SO excited!!!!

    Rayshma: WHO emailed Vin when you were internetless?! huh huh huh???!!! Too much food... it goes to my brain, never put on weight isi liye :P I was wondering why G is asking where she gets her mom from :P Nobody laouves me like you do :D I louve you right back!!!

  8. was jus random googling about OPUS and Pankaj Advani since we saw him today .. and was a nice surprise.. Deja vu.. We won whiskey prize and saw Pankaj Advani :)

    Coincidence say a few.. fate a few others.. High Five say I

  9. WHEN will you mail me?!
    missed u tonnes today...
    a. did gazar ne at trafalgar. under the x'mas tree.
    b. had gone to brighton. :)

  10. is it just me, or everyone's mother has a librarian friend?

    lucky you to be holidaying, can you smell the jealousy? yenjoi