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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Madness Times Infinity

Since Rayshma says she's facing writer's block when blogging about these things, I'm going to try and fill in the blanks about our mad weekend moments. They seem funnier out of context so wait for the explanations.

  1. See now THAT is why we don't up and leave like these heroines. We need a porter to carry all our luggage and it's always a problem finding one. (You're hardly going to ask the man you're leaving to please help you with luggage!)
  2. HAHAHA!! Yeh Chinese mein Chloe to chhole bulate hain!!
1.] Was after watching a few videos which involved the heroine doing a classic bunk and leaving the hero heartbroken and confused...among other things.

2.] Was while watching 'Samantha Who?' with Chinese subtitles. They were using English to spell names and kept mis-spelling 'Chloe'. Tch tch.


  1. HAHA!!! :D
    chole also happens to be Rs girlfriend's name. chloe actually! :D

    1. was dedicated to "chandni raatein..."
    2. was genuinely confusing. i HAVE to read subtitles... and the only thing i could read was names... and then i wondered.... :D

    btw, WHY were we watching it with chinese subtitles???

  2. Suddenly I have an image of a blonde girl wearing salwar-kameej, doing bhangra in sarson ka khet ;)

    And I realise I need to add chick peas to my grocery list for tomorrow. So thanks for reminding.

  3. Really .. You guy should have your own ddd/rayshma to human conversation dictionary ... :P :P ...

    or a sitcom ... :P ...

  4. @whippersnapper's sitcom idea: me likeyy...! ;)

  5. Rayshma: Ummm yes, I do remember those details! And we'd get into trouble if I explained openly why we had chinese subtitles on there... side mein aao, I'll tell you :D

    Amey: :D HAHA!!! Well actually, I once saw a punjabi video that had exactly that girl :D And how did your chhole turn out?

    RWS Long time! I shall remember to provide a dictionary... when necessary. Sitcom? R loves the idea... am not sure it would be a hit though... would take much brain-work to decipher it all you see :D

    Rayshma: Pitch for rights? :D :P

  6. niche audience, child. :)
    and btw, if it's OUR sitcom... OTHERS would pitch for rights. :D
    we take the MGs. uske baad who cares how it fares! :D