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Saturday, February 07, 2009

One Sixth

Rayshma has tagged me. I must pick up the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my photos and post it here with a brief descritption-cum-explanation. Here goes:

Luckily for me it turned out to be a somewhat non-personal photo and oddly it was in a folder titled 'Photo efforts'. I remember this clearly. I had set out one cold March morning last year with the express purpose of doing some photography with my hardly-used, snazzy new camera which promised to make a photographer of me yet. I somehow ended up in Green Park and walked to Piccadilly Circus taking random shots. I found myself opposite Burlington Arcade (purportedly Britain's longest covered shopping street, and its first shopping Arcade too) and standing where I was I thought the lights hanging along the arcade's ceiling made for an interesting photo op and I took a few shots. This is the very first of those shots and my composition improved with each successive effort. Not my best, but I did say I only just made an effort.
I'd like to tag: Clueless Chick (I hope her photo is one of Rummy!), Anna Bond, Orange Jammies, Amey, Vaudevillian and Anu.


  1. What if you didnt have six folders? Or six photos in the sixth folder?

    (I ask coz I wanted to check which photo I would come up with - and I have only 5 photos in the sixth folder)

  2. Please tell me you're back to blogging!

    Okay now I honestly do not know the rules in such a scenario but I'm willing to bet several people would cheat a wee bit :D I'm tagging you too now. Post any photo you like and talk about it.

  3. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Hey...Will pick up the tag and do it. You won't believe what came up!

  4. LOL! No, no, no! I am not back to blogging. This was just out of curiosity!

    I think I have been working on too many algorithms and debugs lately to think of areas where this tag could cause a problem!

    I should sleep! G'nite!

  5. i didn't know what ur 6th folder/pic was... which is why i said "pick any pic u want!" :D

    but nice... me like! and love the promptness! :)

  6. Vaudevillian11:32 PM

    and this is how you do a tag. browse, upload. simple, no jhanjhat. brilliant. I remembers this theres a spa shop at the front there? bedone soon, I'm on temporary internets renunciationing!

  7. nice... :)

    the lights look very Symmetrical...

  8. Oh and I forgot.. me wanna blogrol u? ok? :)

  9. hey, very nice pic! And really interesting to know about Burlington Arcade.
    Thanks for tagging, will take it up soon... :)

  10. Cluelessness: Hehe... Rummy?! :D

    APOO: Dang! You got my hopes up for a minute there... and it looks like you really are slogging at uni :)

    Catty: :D Give me more such no-brainer tags and I'll do them promptly :D

    Vaudevillian: I know! :D Which is why i got done with it quickly. Yes it does have a spa at the front... love the shops within... rather expensive though! Not surprising coz they have Savile Row right behind. do yours soon!

    Pixie: :) thank you! The lights were what I was aiming at actually... they look summetrical but I'm not entirely sure if they are... seemed a bit wonky on closer inspection. And I certainly don't mind being blogrolled by you! It's a right honour :) Will do the same. Thanks!

    Anu: Thank you :) Waiting to see what you come up with!

  11. liked the pic... esp the lights.. :)

  12. We are doing fine's been a little tensed with all the layoffs and stuff happening at work. Thanks a lot for asking though!

    Totally, unrelated comment. So feel free to delete. But I did not have your email to reply.

  13. What an utterly cool tag! :-D

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  16. Blogrolled you :)

    Isn't this an interesting tag? you get to know a little story around a picture.

  17. Whencutdeep: Good to have you back :)

    Never MInd!: Awww... hope it eases up soon... miss reading your posts.

    Pitu: You should take it up!!!

    Catty: YOU blog :P

    Vaudevillian: Thanks :) I did check it out in a hurry... will come by again.

    Solilo: Mucha gracias senorita. Blogrolled you too :)

  18. Hah, look who's talking. Miss Absconding!

  19. This would have made to my 'picture with a horizontal line'.Last week was all around taking pics with vertical lines,diagonal lines,rule of thirds,this n that.
    Would love to see more pics whenever possible.

  20. i is being on break, baba... YOU only blog! :D