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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Too good to not share

Remember 'Kids say the darndest things'? The Guardian recently had a bunch of kids interview celebrities and published, along with the actual interviews, a set of questions that were not allowed. Here you go:

To Steven Gerrard "Do you ever get drunk?" George Coyle, 11

To Zac Efron "Are you gay?" Alex Mackay, 9

To Banksy "Would you do graffiti on our house? I'm sure my mum wouldn't mind." Daniel Redfern, 8

To Gordon Brown "I'm afraid of dying, and sometimes afraid of the dark. Are you?" Margot Leys Johnston, 7

To Bob Dylan "Why aren't you a lady?" Marco Lewis, 4

To Damian Lewis "Sometimes people in year 6 and year 4 make up songs about my hair and follow me round singing them, like, 'Get back in your biscuit tin, Ginger, Ginger.' Did anything like that happen to you at school?" Bali King, 10

To Kylie Minogue "Are you jealous of your sister's success?" Emma Jacobs, 10

To Amy Winehouse "Is it true that you put Haribos up your bra?" Francesca Scott, 9

To Wayne Rooney "What would you have done if it wasn't for football? Postman is a good job." Lewis Barclay, 8

To Mick Jagger "Do you know the answer to: 1,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000 - 300 + 1,000?" Billy Hill, 9

To Darcey Bussell "Have you ever eaten a whole Mars bar?" Breeze Cockburn, 10

To Lewis Hamilton "What do you do if you need a wee while you're racing?" Rhys Birkin-Flory, 9

To Alex Ferguson "You're one of the most successful managers in the world. But my dad, a Rangers fan, says you weren't so good when you were centre forward for his team. What qualities do you bring to management that you didn't have as a player?" Dan Wolff, 9

To Victoria Beckham "Do you ever get blisters wearing them gorgeous high heels?" Eliza Newman, 11

To Bart Simpson "I have one little ear and one big ear. Why are your ears so tiny?" Cullum King, 6

To Tom Daley "Do you have any views on Tibet?" Orla Kearns, 10

To the Queen "Have you ever met my granny in your dreams?" Lucy Edgar, 6

To Johnny Depp "How many pairs of pants have you got?" Kirill Everett, 11

To Derren Brown "I've seen you, have you seen me?" Geno Racklin, 6

To Anthony Horowitz "Do you think the earth is doomed?" Ronan Duff, 11

To Justin Timberlake "If you walked into a shop that sold everything from a simple bag to a
mirror that, when you walked through it, would take you to a mirror world, what, if you could only buy one thing, would you get?" India Morgan, 11

To Roger Federer "Is Gillette really the best a man can get?" Fabien Ruthven, 11
To Dougie Poynter [of McFly] "Did you see me throw my bra on stage at Oakwood?" Felicity Wilkins, 12

To David Bowie "Do you regret calling your son Zowie?" Joel Ronson, 9

To Nick Cave "What pet have you got? My dog Ernie only has one eye and is quite fat, but I think you'd like him." Alice Hadley, 7

To Alicia Keys "Does your husband have a hairy nose?" Martha Rose Jackson, 4

To Phil Scolari "I guess you've got a new house in London. How many toilets has it got? Ours has got three, one for each member of our family apart from my dad." Charlie Webb, 8

To Brian May "Do you think there is any relationship between music and space?" Yash Sewpaul, 6

To Billie Piper "Why didn't you tell your mum and dad you were going to marry Chris Evans?" Madeleine Attwood-Jones, 10

To Nigel Kennedy "Do you like being called Nigel?" Miranda Stocker, 8

To Miley Cyrus "Do pop stars do homework?" Ruby Smith, 8


  1. Awesome! These kids are like little bombs waiting to explode! I always wanted to ask Posh the same question.
    "To Victoria Beckham "Do you ever get blisters wearing them gorgeous high heels?" Eliza Newman, 11"

  2. 15 mins i'm away and you do TWO posts?!

    what would you ask... and to whom?! :D

  3. Never Mind: haha!!! Kids do say the darndest things!

    Rayshma: Sufferug from blogging diarrhoea today :P I wonder if I could get away with asking JH to marry me? :D HAHA!! What would you ask?

  4. Some of the questions are really harmless and innocent. Wonder why they weren't allowed considering the questioner was a kid.

  5. i say he'd be MIGHTY impressed. then he may stalk you till u actually marry him!

  6. Kids will always be kids...

    I remember a niece of mine who walked with us to see off a plump visitor just to see how she would fit behind the wheel of her little fiat. And when the lady told her how sweet it was of the child to have walked her to the car, she told her exactly why she had come.

    None of us knew where to look :-)

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