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Friday, July 10, 2009

The End. Or The Beginning. Whatever.

Seeing as the excitement of her budday is now over ... or at least calmed down a bit, here's the last part that you've been waiting for so eagerly.

Neelam, being the super naagin, manages to save Nero. Vitamin saves Baby. The girls have a catfight over "Nero mera hai!!" while Nero fiddles and wonders wtf is going on. Neelam is abt to win (considering she DOES have naagin powers)... but acquiecses. she, then confesses to not being interested in Nero, but in his royal coin pendant. She tells them the story of how Nero is the only royal heir and can free her lover. Her plan was to seduce Nero and steal the pendant to free her lover!

Nero promises to help.

The four of them fly off to the palace on the magic carpet. By the time they arrive, there's a "homecoming" party being thrown for Karan Singh's daughter. 3 of them enter as dancers with the band, while Neelam takes her naagin form and slithers down to the dungeons. Vitamin falls in love with the princess.

At the party, Baby does an item number with Vitamin to the tunes of "Mehbooba Mehbooba" and they manage to distract everybody while Nero enters the dungeons. The sultan gets wind of someone breaking in to the dungeon and expecting only the wizard, he tells his guards to "check it out".

However, when the guards realizes that it is Nero - because he's still wearing the coin pendant - they join forces with him and help him fight Karan Singh and his evil goons. After a fight involving magic swords and flying dragons, Nero is forced to retreat to the dilapidated maa kali temple where he is reunited with his mother.

Karan Singh challenges Nero to come out and fight by saying that he would easily kill Nero and get the coin to ultimate power.

Karan Singh: "Mere paas flying dragons hain, riyaasat hai, harem hai... tumhare paas kya hai?"

Nero: Mere paas maa hai.

Nero, Baby and maa exit the mandir to the Tashan background score...

Rejuvenated by his "maa ka aashirwad", Nero manages to defeat Karan Singh in the duel. Neelam is finally reunited with her naag. Vitamin continues to attempt to romance the ex-princess (who is allowed to retain her princess rights). Baby weds nero and they take over as king and queen and restore peace and prosperity.


  1. I want to be Naagin if a movie is made out of this!!!

  2. beginning of the end.

  3. What, Karan Singh doesn't kidnap either Baby, or Nero's mom or Vitamin A/B? That's not masala if hero doesn't fight all the evil henchmen, and has his hands on villain until, he is forced to give up to save his mom/sister/father/friend/beau. Writer, please change...

  4. Anonymous8:13 PM

    What, kahani khatam?

    Oho..I expected this to go on and on with half a dozen songs more. Hmmph!


    Please reserve some tickets for me on the release date, I promise to get some Bollywood fanatic friends along who will whistle at every bit of masala on screen. ;)

  5. amey: waise bhi bahut lambi chalegi yeh.
    'magadh ki hema' mein adjust kar lenge, pls?

  6. AHK: i shall quote one of my FAVE lines.. "itne paise mein itnaich milega!"

    of course, we'll book ur tickets. i was thinking that we'd have to book entire theaters for this to be a 'full-house' ;)

  7. All right, all right. How about we add that to the "Director's cut" version?

  8. yep. great idea.
    then we can promote the DVD also! ;)

  9. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Loved 'mere paas maa hai' and the power of maa ka aashirwaad, and the Tashan background score the best :)