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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Aage hua yeh

The beginning

Nero, meanwhile, is rescued by a passing dolphin who carries him to safety and leaves him at a sapera basti on an island far far away where he is adopted by Vitamin Singh's (Arshad Warsi) father who teaches him to make fiddles. In the meantime, Karan Singh takes over the throne, and begins ravaging the land and hoarding women for his harem. He, however, cannot use any of the charmed coins. He binds the wizard, breaks his wand and dumps him in the dungeon as well in an attempt to seize the coins. The wizard lends his magic carpet to his ichchadhaari naagin, Neelam (Bipasha Basu) and tells her to scour the earth and oceans and find "the one" coin as only it would now be able to free him and reunite her with her lover, who guarded the royal treasure.

Nero is happy with his footloose and fancyfree lifestyle and is a regular at the local bar, "bay-bee" with Vitamin. The bar-owner's daughter Baby (Kareena Kapoor) is in love with Nero. Nero, initially plays hard-to-get because he thinks she's way out of his league. Baby breaks out into a remixed version of "Pathhar ke sanam"... after some antics by Vitamin, Nero realizes that he does, afterall love Baby. Nero sings romantic song (main tera nero hoon), to now convince the "I-can-play-hard-to-get-too-and-I-do-it-better-than-you" Baby which ends up with Nero asking her to marry him. She goes home, tells her father to go and speak to Nero's adoptive dad and happily breaks into "Silsila yeh chahat ka". Nero, eavesdropping, then discovers that she has loved him since they were kids and has filled an empty beer bottle with kerosene and lit a diya, which she has kept lit all these years.

Both fathers agree to the wedding and the date's set. Vitamin throws Nero a bachelors party, which has Neelam dancing to "raat bhar jaam se, jaam takraayega" for the boys. Neelam tries to hit on Nero, who turns down her advances. Obviously, Neelam doesn't take this very well. She now starts stalking him and sings "aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye". A day before the wedding, she locks Baby in the bathroom, hangs a sign of "out of order" on the door, dons Baby's avatar and turns up at the wedding.

However, non-english reading audiences open the bathroom door and un-gag Baby. Baby turns up at the wedding scene and insists she's the real bride. Nero challenges her to prove it. She runs up and gets her beer bottle diya which is still lit. Neelam gets back into her own form... and confesses to being an ichchadhaari naagin. They both duel to a song (main teri sautan, sautan tu meri... main naagin tu hai baby...) which ends in Neelam smashing the diya. It sets the mandap on fire.


  1. AND that is not the end of the kahaani.

    dude.. this sounds REALLY inane when i read it here! can i pls disassociate with it now?! :D

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    OMG, OMG..can't wait for what happen's next ;)

    Honestly, this was simply awesome, laughed out loud for the perfect situation songs..especially "tu nagin mein baby".

    Super! :D

  3. LOL @ the songs..

    Ur crazy, u know that right??

  4. Do you know Karan Johar is following this? Wonder why! Have you copyrighted this?

  5. Catty: Inane? INANE?! There are people queing up to beg you to send them the script, people clamouring to read more and you want to dissociate?! ek aur part baaki hai bas, just hang on till then ;)

    AlwaysHappyKya: Hehehehehe ... all thanks to Catty, she has a talent for this stuff!

    Dee: :D So I am told... but in this case the madness is as much Rayshma's claim as mine!

    Anamika: He is?! Errr... maybe we ought to put up a copyright notice then :D

  6. That is hilarious! Please do post the next part quickly :)

    I'm sure Bollywood would adopt you in a trice if they saw this :)

  7. hehehahahahaha!!

    koshan: why neelam is pretending to louwe nero? thought she had an icchadhari boyfriend no?

  8. LOL!!!

    What an imagination! what narration!

    ROTFL!! :) :) :)

    I could actually picture the whole setup!

  9. @ galadriel: wait and watch. u will know why. patience.. someone said that was the name of the game.
    not the 'someone' who comments here... someone random! :D

  10. For all those waiting for the movie, let me tell you that we are hoping we can emulate the stylings of landmark movies, like Dharam-Veer, Ajooba, with bits of Patal Bhairavi and Hatim Tai thrown in :D Fantasy extravaganza, it will be.

    Oh, can we replace "Raat bhar..." with "Bidi jalai le"? Keeping in with the fire theme, you know.

  11. amey: i would prefer bidi jalai le... but dewey LOUVES raat bhar jaam se... it's her anthem song! :D

    i was wondering if u'd got lost while location scouting just a li'l while ago! :D
    we thought you'd have to sing "yeh kahaan aa gaya main... yunhi location dhoondhte dhoondhte... is garmi mein hain jaanam.. mere jism-o-jaan pighalte"

    good to see u're here & scouting! :D

  12. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Hahahahahahah... 'non-english reading... ungag baby.......' At the risk of being certified, i shall say i totally love this.!

    Out with the next part. NOW!!

  13. dewey: ppl who queued up to ask for the script are refusing to give details lest i actually send it to them and follow up! HAHAHHAHAA!!! :D

  14. OMG! This is riveting! :D
    Can't wait for the next and final part!

  15. Oh I am still here. Although, dolphin infested waters are harder to find than you may think ;)

    Can we make Arshad Warsi twins? That would give us Vitamin A and Vitamin B :D

  16. musandam, oman would be an ideal location for that, amey.

    i LOVE the vitamin A & B idea! :D
    btw, that's an ACTUAL name of a friend's friend.

  17. Smitha: Yeah, YOU tell the girl, she refuses to belive me!!

    Galadriel: :D wonly one more part left... pliss to be waiting.

    Pixie: Well then, that means you have good imagination too ;)

    Catty: Hahahahaha... yeah... waiting, hard bit :D

    Amey: Ahh ek toh I don't think Bidi is as great a classic item number as raat bhar jaam se... cmon! Two, this movie is a tribute so it must have originals remixed in every possible form.

    Alice: Dude, we DO think alike! That non-english speakin audience cracked me up BIG time too!!!

    Catty: HAHA!!! Yeah but see how many other people here are following this eagerly!!

    Amey: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!! Vitamin A and B?! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! Hell yes we can make them twins. I bow before you mighty Amey, I bow before your wit and wisdom... I am convinced you were exactly what this whole adventure needed!! Oh and btw, EVERYONE else seems to be calling me Dewey now, so.. err... I guess I shouldn't have chewed your ear off after all :

  18. @Rayshma: That's an actual name? How's the kid doing?

    @DDD: If you name a character Vitamin Cngh, you are just asking for it. Plus, what's better than one Warsi? :)

  19. he's doing as okay as a kid called "vitamin" should be doing! :D
    i'm amazed he hasn't changed his name yet! :D