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Sunday, July 05, 2009


A trifle late, but such momentous things must be commemorated and celebrated.

Other people have said it before and better than I, and I don't have anything to add. What I do have to tell you is that up until I went to work on Friday morning my reaction had been one of pleasant surprise, quiet admiration and silent pride.

But then I started to say to my boss "Oh, I don't know if you heard the news but ..." and between then and finishing the sentence my eyes were shining with fierce pride. I'm just so proud of my country for doing the right thing.

While it may still take ages for society to accept homosexuality with equanimity, at least there won't be any hide-and-seek being played anymore because, hey, the law says it's okay! Those who oppose can go take a hike, preferably off a cliff.

Although, if at the age of near-80 my grandmother can be educated about homosexuality by my aunt and react with giggles rather than express shock or anything, I do think there is hope, a lot it. :)


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Oh wow! Your grandmother? That's just fantastic! There's so much scope of acceptance :)

    Lol @ "off a cliff"!

    All the support coming in from the heterosexual community is JUST so heartwarming!

  2. It's just brilliant isn't it?!! :-)
    I was so proud too... :)

  3. I dint know what I felt earlier..but now that the law is decriminalized.. I'm really really happy! We accepted a radical change!

  4. USP: Yeah, it was rather amusing!

    Pixie: Yes! :)

    Purnima: Yup, progress!

  5. it's all hunky dory on paper and the fact that it's now legal, definitely, is one small baby step. for that, i applaud it.
    but i don't see how it changes anything in a country where societal laws and peer pressure are more prominent and/or binding than legalities.

    societally, we need to accept sex as legal and natural first. and i'm not talking abt the 1 or 2 percent of urban population.

  6. Sorry to rain on the parade and all, but it is such a baby step, just one High Court in one city saying this. The decision is sure to be appealed in Supreme Court. Then to make it into a law, it has to be passed by the Parliament. And we all know how many religions are against it now.

    Then again, one small step forward is better than any other alternative.

  7. I've been informed this evening that there has been a law in existence for some time now, which rules that a couple living in together for over a year must be considered officially married. Couple that with the legalization of gay alliances and it would seem I'm no longer safe sharing apartments with male roommates for too long either :P.

  8. WHY will u not reply to my comment now!

  9. Anonymous7:19 PM

    " eyes were shining with fierce pride. I'm just so proud of my country for doing the right thing."

    I so totally share the sentiment! Yes I am proud of my country for doing the right thing too!