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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Across the Universe

Ever thought, that the idea of a parallel universe may not be all that strange? That perhaps a parallel universe isn't as mystic and unreachable as we really think it is ... that maybe the time-space continuum doesn't require any special breach to be accessible and manipulated ... that perhaps, we each visit our own little parallel universes very regularly without realising it?

What if our dreams are not the concoctions that our brain rustles up in collaboration with our subconscious? What if the things that we consider dreams are actually our forays into a parallel universe ... a universe where things are more in our control, where happiness is easily attainable, where we meet our past and are able to deal with it, where one meets the people one fantasises about meeting, one senses (touches, smells, tastes, hears, feels) the things one has wished for and they are more tangible ... where one can escape the harsher bits that are nightmares by simply jumping out of said parallel universe? What if we really and truly live there ... in our dreams, through our dreams, while dreaming?

And just as I was getting used to blogger's block I get hit on the head with a post. I'm done interrupting,
back to the entertaining movie programming.


  1. are u saying we don't??

    and this is SO typical DD (doordarshan, not dewdrop)... to maaro a rukawat ke liye khed hai slide!

    baaki ka post karo. u nagged me two days to do the damn script. khatam karo abhi!

  2. I wish there was a parallel universe for me right this instance..

    The one where nothing is worth fretting about.. :)

  3. OK, we have shared mind or something. I am right in the middle of writing a story based on a very similar concept. And you have just given out the basic idea behind the story.

  4. Catty: I'm saying we might... pity it only lasts 8 hours! An dhullo, DD ne bollywood kabab mein haddi nahi bana toh kya maza aaya? I should aos cut out 'adult' scenes no,now? :P

    Dee: Awww... I wish too, for your sake!

    Amey: No re, you and I had a met and discussed this in our dreams yday, which is how we both know about it ;) :D

  5. it would be soooo cool to have a parallel life....if there isn't one already :-P

  6. what's with the typos???

    anyway... came here to say, isn't this what kishor kumar sang about when he sang "aa chal ke tujhe, main leke chalu... ek aise gagan ke tale..." ??

  7. wait! are you trying to scare me. Sone de naa yaar!! :( :P nice thought btw...will think abt it...hmmmmmmm..

  8. On the other hand, what if this 'reality' is actually a dream which our mind believes it to be real? What if this whole world was just a fragment of our imagination? What if I am not really commenting this but your mind just thinks so?

    Good post, btw.

  9. Good post... very thought inducing, and yes, very comforting too in a way. :)

  10. So you are saying that in some parallel universe, "I" am meeting all the beautiful ladies. You know what, given the Law of Balance of Multiverses, that sounds about right ;)

  11. Anonymous5:30 AM

    The Universe that we live in is, in itself, so bizarre and unexplainable. Everyone can explain everything else in correlation to science (or at least try), but can anyone explain Science itself?
    Oh, I'm going to Twit this!

  12. right now i am in soo baffeled that i am in a perpendicular universe...!!!

  13. Ersa: Yes and it would be so cool to know once and for all if there's a god and waht god looks like too ;)

    Catty: It's called metathesis ;) Yeah that's what the song meant... it was sung in response to 'Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi... ' :D

    Purnima: No the idea was to get you to enjoy your sleep better! :D

    Anamika: Thank you :) And welcome here. What you're suggesting sounds like The Matrix's proposition ... and hey, if my imagination brings me the pleasure of interacting with the sort of people who come by here, then I sure as hell am grateful to it! :)

    Alice-in-wonder: Thank you! Howdy been?

    Amey: Sure you are! :) For that matter, my blog seems to be some sort of parallel universe... it seems to attract witty wisecracks a whole lot... not that I am complaining one bit!

    USP: Hehe... how profound! Now I'm going to have to think about this one to give you a fitting reply!

    silk smitha and disco shanthi: 'perpendicular universe'? Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! Very witty you are!! and hellooo!! Long time indeed... welcome welcome :)

  14. i am NOT ur imagination. i exist.

  15. So, in some universe out there, I am actually directing Nero? Me likey...

    @Anamika: I exist too. Or, to be precise, I think I exist. And I can't imagine my imagination imagining such a comment ;)

  16. Vaudevillian10:49 PM


    I shall thus parade in local tesco shouting this very theory until I'm forced to retreat by a barrage of plastic pretend-policemen.

  17. Interesting post DDD...I liked it alot.

    **a universe where things are more in our control

    I wish for one too...where ppl dun hv to be mean to feel alive.


  18. ROFLOL @ Rayshma's comment!

  19. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Ok...the dreams I have are so whacko, I am praying that I am actually not living them in a parallel universe!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Rayshma: Don't sulk... you DO exist but sometimes I think you're too good to be true in real life :D

    Amey: Yeah and out there somewhere I am WATCHING Nero :D

    Vaudevillian: Oh dear! They lied to you?! How cruel is that!!! Now that the veil has lifted, go enjoy your zzz time ;)

    Keshi: It is truly astonishing how some people have to be mean to feel alive...

    Purnima: Haan, tell her you believe she exists ;)

    Cluelessness: This morning I went with my mother to her native gaon and we went on a long walk, sat on a high wall under which there was a bird's nest, except it was an iron cage and the birds were actually clever enough to manipulate the cage so it opened and shut, then I saw myself in ancient Florence looking at jewellery but bought chappals from the same store and then tried to hide from the owner's husband... are your dreams THIS whacko?

  22. purnima only laughs at my tippani... doesn't confirm that she believes i exist.
    i sulks now!

    and YOU... what're u maska maaroing for now?! :D and u have ur facts ALL topsy-turvy. tujhse naraaz happened WAY after aa chal ke tujhe! kishore kumar had time machine or what?!
    tch tch tch. tum aaj kal ke bachche!

  23. Hee hee, tum kitne cutely daant deti ho :D

    Eh yeh time machine waala question nahin tha, lyrics waala question tha.

    And if you're sulking at Purnima (I want to call her Moon Moon Sen, Moon in both the names no? Purnima? :D)... anyway, go sulk on HER blog or YOURS, mere upar NAI.

  24. daanta nahi hai ab tak! ;)

    i would sulk there or on mine... but i keep clearing history and forgetting URLs. so i wait till she blogs & reader pops her up... :D
    ur space.. well... i check this immediately after gmail! ;)

  25. Oye! Baccha keep fighting in front of my back?? :P
    lemme clarify: yes I LOL-ed at Rayshma's tippani and I KNOW she exists. I'm gonna REFRAIN from thinking that she lives in a parallel universe!!!

  26. Hee hee... front of your back? HAHA!!! We no fight mommy, we only bicker :D

  27. now moon moon sen is your mommy?! go get her to adopt you!!!!

  28. Arre?! What be the connection? I can't/won't call you mommy but how does that mean you don't adopt me? Not to be sulking... it is being your budday... HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!! muah!!!