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Monday, June 22, 2009

If the last post brought up bad feelings of any sort in you, the time to turn away is NOW

So, Medusa and her lover fought. And as women are wont to do, she railed and wailed and was furious ("Nothing's wrong! FINE! You don't understand me!").

Did she then give her lover the death-stare and break into a rendition of "Patthar ke sanam"?

Yes yes, I know. Long time indeed. No, I did not spend four weeks in hibernation only to come up with another awful pun. It just sort of came to me and I thought it too good to waste :D Back into my unintended hideout cave, see y'all back here when I do. Will continue to pop up at your respective spaces however.

*disappears in a flash of lightning after getting clobbered on the head by a huge stash of books, struck by an especially large one titled 'Life'*


  1. *groan*

    that was bad.... :P

    but it made me chuckle :D

  2. dude. really.
    this one reminded me of harsh chhaya in fashion. coz i wanted to say "spare us the horror" in that tone.

    on a serious note: plz get back to blogging. and genji! :D

  3. ok.. back in a MUCH better mood. sorry for sadu comment earlier.

    did u know that there was an actress called "sanam"? the song would be more apt for her, no?
    kahan bechari medusa june-puraane hindi gaane gayegi?!

  4. I think u need some home made chakkuli kodbeles. I will stop by London on my way back to america.

  5. ok but come back soon

  6. Dewy! That was such a PJ!!! :D
    But, it did make me laugh though...

    Oh yea... Harsh Chhaya and that tone!

    Seriously! "Spare us the horror"
    *this done with the hand movements and the tone as well*
    Like how Ray Ray has mentioned!!!

  7. :D Whatte re-appearance! :)

  8. Don't do this to us - first, you disappear and then you come up with this!

  9. You appear only to throw some PJs at us. Hai na? Ha..ha..ha..

    'Ye ladki hai allah....'

  10. Silvara: I know dude, terrible... but still, too good to waste :D And hey, chuckles are good!

    Catty: Erm, in my current halat, blogging has to come to me :D Don't su;k around me coz people play tabla and annoy you okay? :D Although, yeah, it was a terrible one... innate talen it is :D Who be this Sanam now? Will she act in Nero? :D

    Anna Bond: Please do!! You will be welcomed warmly :) Hope you've had lots of mavina hannu on your trip!

    Loca: hey girl! Okay I have a feeling it won't be a four week long absence this time... shall be back sooner :) Hug

    Pixie: Aiyyooo... cheer up! (Or I will subject you to more such awful PJs :D)

    Purnima: And whatta disappearance again, no? :D

    D: Aw cmon! Cheap thrills! :D

    Solilo: You're the queen of comebacks ma :D I will try and resist throwing PJs at your people when I come back next okay?

  11. she won't act in nero. u won't want her to either. she married some c-grade bollywood something and retired after one flop movie. long back. :D

    trivia # 2: chandni's name in sawan kumar tak's "sanam bewafa" is also sanam.

  12. Actually, I did more than chuckle.But then I am a sucker for PJs especially the bad bad ones!

    OMG, Rayshma,are you the sister I lost at the Kumbh mela? I was going to do the "Spare us the horror" thing here.

  13. You think up such gems in hibernation kya? and then come out to fling them on unsuspecting heads, and go back for the next round? :P

  14. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Hey Bhangwan..mujhey utha lo!
    Bhagwan ke liye (?!) utha lo!

    Ab aur nehi saha jaata..PJs

    * faints in front of the temple right after ringing the big bell with the little energy left*

  15. So Medusa turned her lover into stone, and then complained about it? Just goes to show...

    BTW, Can we have Karrena Kapoor do a "Patthar ke sanam" item number for Nero?

  16. Oh, so there you are... I was beginning to wonder if you've been dropping dead recently. Apparently not.

  17. Catty: Who the heck is Chandni now?

    Never Mind!!: You could be MY long-lost sister, considering how you love PJs :D

    Alice-in-wonder: You make it sound so bad! :P Whilst I love the sound of 'fling', I'm afraid I do not spend time thinking up elaborate groan-inducers :D

    AlwaysHappyKya: That depends on which bhagwaan you're talking to :D

    Amey: You've been appointed director so Kareena Kapoor will do as you tell her to do :D And don't go saying things about Medusa, be afraid, be very afraid, the gods are living in America :P

    Someone: And I, in turn, was wondering about you. I was dropping half-dead actually. haven't achieved phoenix status yet to carry out dying and being re-born again and again and again... whattodo?

  18. yes, amey. kareena will do item number. she'll do anything u say. can u pliss ask her to stop making "pouty pooh" face?

    dewey: i repeat. for the last time. ab ki baar bhool gaya toh idhar aake check maarneka.
    chandni is the female who sings "choodi mazaa na degi, kangan mazaa na dega... tere bagair saajan, saawan mazaa na degaaa..." to salman khan in a movie called sanam bewafa. directed by sawan kumar tak.
    baaki details chahiye toh google baba se poocho! main kya encyclopedia hoon?!

  19. Hehe, I am carrying mirror-finished shield and other paraphernelia around from now on ;)

    And I thought we had female directors, and me as advisor?

  20. random sanam trivia. there was also a movie called "sanam" starring manisha koirala!

    amey - u're director. :D

  21. Catty: You ARE an encyclopaedia on bollywood... you should make money off that :D

    Amey: Haan we thought you'd do the direction thing way better than either of us :D

  22. Pouty pooh face? Done.

    So is it Writer: Rayshma, Lyrics: DDD and Music Director: Himmesh? :D

  23. Err no, I believe Catty's in charge of lyrics and writing... I'm going to take up the role of producer, or general pain-in-the-backside-of-everyone-involved-without-giving-much-valuable-input-anytime waali :D

  24. any hopes of me EVER writing anything remotely sensible have now been dashed.
    how the filmy have fallen.

  25. i meeesssss you!!!!

  26. Anonymous6:10 PM

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  27. Anonymous8:28 PM

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