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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay so maybe he didn't really fiddle while Rome burned.

But who's to say he did not sing "Is diye sang jal raha mera Rome Rome Rome"?

I know. Utterly dreadful. But this is partly why I blog :D


  1. Hahahahah :D I got it.

  2. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Priceless DDD, simply priceless this one.

    I hereby declare you the supreme queen of PJs. :D

  3. Ah my friend's first break into the film industry and her first national award was for this movie! I was SO proud of her! :)

    Anyways, haven't heard this song in such a long time! Though this movie was extremely OVER-RATED, dont you think? Songs were good, dances were even better...but the movie was just too much of everything.. too gaudy, too loud and too long. Most of the bengalis I know hated it because this is one of the most popular and beautiful tragic love stories written by the bengali author and it was potrayed horribly. And I remember my mom saying "Paro's mother is not supposed to be such a mad woman! She does not go around acting like a lunatic, dancing and jumping all over with her hands flying around everywhere.. pagol na ki?!!"!

    BTW.. tu aur tere PJs! Shakya ka influence toh nahi hai na? :P Hehehe!

  4. All I feel like singing after reading this,

    Maar daala...allah... Maar daala Dew Drops ne.


  5. LOL!!

    Entha postu!! :D

    belagge belagge, odiddu ide first postu! :D

    *inspired by your comments section from the previous post to write in Kannada!*

  6. 100% pure authentic dingbatism! Bravo :P!

  7. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Ayyoo!! :D :D

  8. i am VERY sure NERO did not sound like shreya ghoshal!
    so, he did not sing it.

  9. Did he start with "Maine Piya..."?

  10. Silvara: :D hehe

    AlwaysHappyKya: Haha, I belive I have had that honour already but I accept again! :D thank you! Haha

    M: Yes yes M, you and your bollywood connections... no wonder you're such a nautanki! :P :D

    I agree with you, this movie was very OTT... dimaag pe shot would describe it better... Shreya Ghoshal gace a phenomenal performace though!

    And what Shakya ka influence and all... don't go saying such things, he might take offense at being associated with such horrenduous jokes :P

    Solilo: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Now THAT is called one-upping.

    Pixie: Haha... nagu banta? :D Isht dina kannad-dalli matadilla anta yochne ne baralilla! Matrubhashe bere... sari in mele ekshtra attemptu :D

    Someone: :D Told ya! :P

    Snippetsnscribbles: Haha, gottu... tale uppinkayi etc etc ;)

    Catty: That's besides the point... who cares if he sounded like Shreya Ghoshal, Pavarotti or Himes? Gaana gaya hoga, bas! :P

    Amey: Umm... I don't know? And don't you listen to Catty, she's giving you galat info about buttering me up :P

  11. on an aside... in this zamaana of remakes of hit flicks; subhash ghai could make a come-back film titled "NERO - hero wohi hai".
    we can discuss the plot off this space, if u wish. but i would love to hear "tu mera nero hai..."

  12. @Rayshma: But did Nero have "dhai kilo ka haath"?

    And I am already sad that Amrish Puri cannot complete his hat-trick of "Hero" films :(

    @DDD: And why would I need anybody's advice to maska maro a cute, intelligent, funny girl like you? Chocolate chip... sorry, did I say that out loud?

  13. what galat info did i give amey?!!
    and of course, he shouldn't lissen to me. nobody should! have u seen how often i contradict myself! :D

    @ amey: i knoww!!! i SO miss seeing amrish puri in movies!!! we were thinking of a desi version of "troy" the other day.. and couldn't think of anyone other than amrish puri to fit agamemnon's character! so sad, na?!
    why should nero have dhai kilo ka haath? he only needs to be loser-types and fiddle while a country burns, no?

  14. Catty: Hahahahahahhaha!!! Bring it on... but the movie must have one item number, and everyone except one beefed up moron MUST act their parts well. :D

    Who was telling Amey to butter maaro me huh? Now he's actually taken your advice, see :P

    Amey: RIP Amrish Puri... Bollywood has suffered an irrecoverable loss ... sigh.

    Would the thought of maska maaroing have struck you if she hadn't pointed it out? You forgot to include 'gracious, kind, generous and fun' there btw :P Oh and if you MUST ask for cookies please make them exotic ones... I ain't giving choc-chip.

  15. amey wants cookies?
    she DOES send kickass cookies. but then she also harasses you to NOT eat them! grr...!!

    yeah, why just one... we'll have 3 item numbers. and i get to choose one beefed up moron who can't act. i'm good at that! baaki u can make it an art film for all i care! :D

  16. Hahah.. not so utterly dreadful akshually :D

  17. @Rayshma: Oops, wrong Hero.

    See, I am single, so she cannot tell me to share my cookies with anybody. :)

    @DDD: Well, I give you that. You are right. :) Now lemme search exotic cookie database.

    As for item number, romans were pretty well up there for item numbers, if "Rome" was any indication.

  18. hahaha. I blog because I love to talk. I talk a lot in person and I wanted to extend it to the virtual world too.

  19. amey: oh DAMN! THIS hero had a char named after me, hai na?! HOW could i forget. i know all the movies which have characters called reshma! :D

    on second thoughts, we should go with your hero! :D
    a. more scope for item numbers
    b. i'm biased coz a character is named after me! :D
    c. i LAUVE sunny paaji and his item number dancing skills! :D (r'ber the kammo track?)
    d. sunny paaji can still give jaggu dada a run for his money at the B.O.

  20. Catty: Of course he wants cookies! Where did you think this was headed, all the time? :D Oky we're agreed on the movie then... am not so sure about sunny paaji being cast however... :S

    Alice-in-wonder: Hehehehehe, thank you!

    Amey: :D Yeah go search for those exotic cookies and do help out with the movie :D

    Arunima: Haan there is that... but I resist from subjecting people in real-life to such stuff :D

  21. @Rayshma: Seriously, where did you think that was going?

    So we have phoren locale (Rome), and item numbers. Now we just need cast, and we can start filming. :D

    @DDD and Rayshma: We can upgrade to the latest Deol then. After Dev D, Nero shouldn't be a problem for him. Sunny Paaji can come in for an item number.

  22. Anonymous7:31 PM

    No new posts yet?

    ( I know I have no rights to say such a thing, but kehne mein kya haina? ;)

    I somehow expect a post from you post weekend everytime :)

  23. amey - i thought u wanted the kitty mug! and royal mail. that's what i got. that too, after agreeing to adopt her! :D

    i know dewey won't mind the latesht deol boy! :D
    but sunny paaji HAS to do an item number.
    rest of the cast u guys can decide... considering that neither of u are going to agree with me making it a commercial flick only! :D

  24. Amey: Hell yeah!! Bring on Abhay Deol :D Sunny paaji doing item number horrifies me but I will agree since you and Catty are being so nice and entertaining :D Pliss to be choosing 'actress'? Do we need one btw?

    AlwaysHappyKya: I do seem to have become a weekend blogger, haven't I?! Hey you want to read me, I cannot complain about that all :D I would post... bheja is suffering from a dry few days though... shall be back with something soon :)

    Catty: Okay the mug had nothing to do with the adption alright? And if you want Nero to be a commercial flick then pliss to be convincing me with a detailed plot line and dialogues lke you did for Magadh ki Hema :D

  25. See, that's why we have the Deol Jr-most. That way, we can make a commercial film and term it as art.

    BTW, Magadh ki Hema? What's that?

    Rayshma: I am more inclined towards Royal mail, with at least cookies. Mug for adoption is a bit expensive, given current economic climate and all, you know ;)

  26. of course we need actress. nero needs to be depressed to fiddle while city burns no?
    i CAN try and convince you... right now my brain is in bollywood overdrive. have ODed on some really corny flicks! :D
    but i shall let amey choose. i think u must be sick of my suggestions! :D
    let's get some variety here! :D

    give me a one-line plot... i'll detail it with dialogs and songs and present you with a commercial script ;)

  27. Where's my comment?

  28. Pitu: You're back from your vacay... yayyyyy!!! :D

    Amey: Amey I really really REALLY like... nay LOVE your thinking wrt the Deol boy :D Hit hai... seal the deal! Hi-five :D

    Magadh ki Hema would be the Indian version of Troy that Catty dreamed up... ask her about it. Seriously :D

    And umm, I'm happy to send you cookies without any adoption deal... I can only be adopted once and that has been agreed to by Catty :D Oh and comments get moderated automatically after 5 days so it appears like blogger's eaten them.

    Catty: Ah cmon!!! You're heaping blame on some poor woman for Nero's follies! Nah nah, not done at all... actress mangta hai toh theek hai but she cannot be stereotyped!

    You know what, we do need variety. Let Amey bring up ideas now :D I must hear more about all the corny flicks though... bring it on!

    Amey, the floor is all yours now... we shall listen to thy gyaan!

    I'm wondering if we're beginning to drive everyone else crazy but I'm not sure anyone's even bothering to read further here...

  29. i don't think anybody other than amey and me are now reading this conversation! :D
    magadh ki hema was the brainchild of a friend and my discussion on TROY. we both love the movie... and thought it would be great if it was indianized.
    then, of course, dewey and i discussed it in detail... and it almost became a blog post. :D

    go ahead.. amey... we not wait for ur thoughts on this project! :D

  30. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Where are you?
    Everything alright at your end of the world?


  31. Hey pixie! Yes everything's okay ... have been resorting to long comments in the name of blogging though :) Will come back with a post soon... thank you for asking!

  32. Well, given the song you put up, and the hero we are going to use, a woman has to be the cause for the burnout (hehe), right?

    How about Nero cannot marry the woman he loves. So while he goes in depression, and the spurned woman makes the "diya" grow a bit bigger. ;)

    Tell me more about "magadh ki hema". Did it have the Dharam-Veer jodi, given their history in skirts?

  33. no no... i no agreeing... that sounds like a MORE modernized version of Dev D. and i simbly cannot take it anymore!!!

    veeru-jai jodi would have been ideal.. but no. this has to be contemporary, no?!
    so we had roshan baby playing achilles. :D
    i really am not giving away script here! i think have caused enough damage to this "intelllectual" space already! :D

    amey - u're supposed to pick the cast as well. don't leave it to me. i tend to go totally commercial! :D
    but i want himesh doing muzac. not acting, not singing. only doing muzac. that's part of the deal of having me on board, actually! :D non negotiable! :D

  34. No no no... not another Dev D! Walking to the station this morning I was struck by the thought that maybe we ought to have a nagin connection in the plot given how popular snake-stories are again :D

    Something tells me Catty will rope in Kangana Ranaut at some point :D Catty? 'Intellectual space'? Really? Hahaha :D

    And I didn't mean that we MUST include diya waala gaana in the movie... that leaves us free to toy with the plot no?

  35. Oh and the height of nincompoopery. I commented without signing in and it went into moderation. Bah :P

  36. kangna ranaut doesn't get in an opening weekend guarantee!
    esp after the sequel to raaz :D

    u are the finest example of nincompoopery. i provide you competition, of course! :D

    amey - jaldi karo bhai.. itna time sirf one-liner plot likhne aur cast finalize karne mein?

  37. 36 comments for a one line PJ.
    Congrats kanree.
    (I can see that kannada has come back into commenting atleast. I deserve credit for it :P )

  38. Sorry, had a mid-week party to attend.

    So, you want naagin? How about this: A nagin seduces Nero. The resulting catfight between nagin and the heroine gets out of hand.

    That song with Nero context is still priceless, especially if Himmesh is doing "you rock" muzak.

    Go for commercial actresses. We need someone for naagin role.

  39. Oh, and I meant Dharam-Veer for ...Hema, not Jai-Veeru.

  40. i likes the story! :D
    if ms dewey approves, we can have a scripting done.

  41. and oh... forgot to say... i did get the dharam veer reference... but personally am not a fan of jumping jack. of it were mithun da, on the other hand,.. then i'd REALLY think! :D

    btw... isn't this the same one where pran had a bird (eagle?? falcon?? something) as a PET?

    we COULD have nero raised by dolphins, u know? like toofan! :D

  42. Anna Bond: Thanks ri! Credit ella nimage ne :)

    Amey: I LOVE the plot :D You're a genius!!!! Okay so I guess this will have to be total commercial... Catty's all for Bebo and Bips in whatever roles... you got anyone else? I'm going to be a silent spectator coz honestly, you're both way better at this :D

    Catty: First you call this an intellectual space and then accuse me of nincompoopery... make up your mind! :P Oh wasn;t being raised by Dolphins an Ajooba thing? Can we really include that?! :D Puleeejjjj????? :D

  43. oh yes! sorry! i got thrown off by "aaya aaya toofan, bhaaga bhaaga shaitaan" :D
    ajooba, it was. shaitaan zindabad!
    and yes, we can say nero was already traumatized since he was raised by dolphins... hence yearned for "true love". HAHAHA... can also explain his fascination for naagin. no?

    i don't care who you sign up for the movie.

    i want kareena kapoor, malaika arora-khan and saif ali khan to do item number promoting movie. (they do NOT have to be in the movie).
    for all i care.. they could sing "main teri sautan, sautan tu meri... main naagin tu hai biwi..."
    rockstar himesh will remix the nagina track and bring it up-to-speed! ;) digital content isiise aa jayega. paise vasool.

    ab movie ka tumko jo karne ka hai karo!

    as for the casting... here're my option...
    nagin: sush sen. or bips. or anyone you can think of.
    wife: i don't know. dewey liked chitrangda singh. amey chooses.
    nero has already been chosen as abhay deol.
    so, there!
    amey - floor's yours!

    p.s.: i'm not so much liking this moderation thing. i don't know if amey's already commented...

  44. La Vida Loca8:46 PM

    write post no? Vanished off somewhere!

  45. La vida Loca: Sorry baba, have stashed enough material for five posts but cannot seem to actually write anything... been a bit busy and facing a bit of writer's block too I guess... shall be back soon as I can! Thanks for egging me on though, really appreciate it :)

  46. finally published my long awaited post. thank you thank you..

  47. Err... aren't both of those actresses taller than Abhay Deol? Let's make it Bips though. And I like raised by dolphins Ajooba Nero. If Nagin films were missing anything, it was a flying carpet ;)

  48. most actresses are taller than him... what to do now?! but when has that deterred anyone in bollywood?! :D

    dewey... have i mailed u casting for magadh ki hema?

  49. ok I really didnt get that joke, cos I dun u'stand Hindi :(


  50. Amey: Don't think we ought to make that a category, catch the first hot bimbo we can find and cast her :D And I think since that is sorted, we need to start listing other possible songs :D

    Catty: I believe we had a very long discussion on it :D Oh, get started with the sings :D

    Alice-in-wonder: Sorry baba, would love to write... having some trouble with that lekin. be back soon as I can :)

    Keshi: hey girl! How've you been? Joke na... that song is from 'Devdas' and the scene is that the heroine is spewing some long shot dialogue about having kept some lamp burning for her lover all these years while he's been away abroad. And she sings that every fibre of her being is burning along with the lamp (which is the literal translation of the line). 'Rom' technically means hair/fibre and in this instance I replaced it with 'Rome' since they sound similar... and well, Nero and Rome burning... get the drift now? :) Good to see you here!

  51. HAHA I got ya now DDD! ty :):)

    I hv watched Devdas too hehe...


  52. enri medam.. ellige right helidira, pattene illa?

  53. Sorry sir, burde is being khali sadhya ...