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Monday, May 25, 2009

What a tangled web we weave...

Gather around kids, I'm going to tell you a story today (yes, another story).

So in this story are five people. Two guys and three girls. Let's call the girls Mini, Skinny and Bonny. And let's call the guys Thor and Arthur.

Mini, Skinny, Bonny, Thor and Arthur all knew each other (even if just vaguely) since they all went to the same school.

Mini, Skinny and Bonny all lived somewhat near each other. Mini had hung out with Bonny on several occasions and was quite friendly with Skinny whenever she saw her in school.

Thor and Arthur had always been good friends.

And the girls all were friends with the guys in some way or the other.

A few years later:

Mini and Thor are friends and talk to each other infrequently about inane things.

Thor crushed on Bonny but nothing came of it and they've both moved on.

Bonny and Skinny are the best of friends, as of years.

But neither Bonny nor Skinny talk to Mini. In fact, when Bonny was visiting the place Mini lived in and a crush-crushed Thor requested that she extend a friendly hand to a lost-in-new-city Bonny and Mini did so, Bonny wouldn't acknowledge it.

Bonny was showing her solidarity with Skinny because Mini had dared come between Skinny and Arthur at one point. Never mind the fact that Skinny had been engaged then and was basically going to screw up things royally for herself, Arthur and the invisible boyfriend. Never mind at all the fact that Mini only stepped in trying to protect Arthur from said screw-up without any intention of bagging him herself.

Arthur is happily partnered. He hasn't been in touch with Thor for months. In fact, it would be safe to say that he has been totally incommunicado for a while with everyone. Mini is a special case though.

Arthur has cut contact with her entirely.


  1. Phew! Any of them 5 is you ?? (Pardon the English)

  2. Whew!!
    What a complicated and messy story, which happens so frequently...

  3. You'll frighten the kids! :P

  4. I am supremely confused.. :(


  5. I read it twice..names confused me.. :D Is it 'Poor Mini'??

  6. phew! very complicated indeed.
    But one does feel for Mini... :(

  7. Yeah, sometimes it is very tempting to let our friends make their mistakes and pick their own pieces.

    BTW, why are the boys' names so formal?

  8. ok, what? for a while there i thought i got it, but then i'm not really sure i did...

    * goes back to re-read it to understand it better *

  9. nan thale kettu uppinkaayi agoytu.

  10. Catty: Kuch nahi, mere dimaag ka dahi ban raha tha, ab baaki sab ka bhi ban raha hai :D

    Alice-in-wonder: Yeah I know... phew wonly! Nah, merely an observer.

    Pixie: Yeah, very messed up.

    Someone: :D If they're anything like you they'll come back for more :P

    Roy: And that about sums it up :)

    Dee: Errrmm... shall we just say 'and adulthood happened to all of them'?

    Purnima: Haha, yeah it is very confusing... this is not a bagpiper ad, leave it at that :P

    Anu: Yeah very complicated ... I wonder though if Mini had done something else (unrelated) to deserve any of this.

    Amey: Well that's still okay long as they don;t muck around with your life while messing up theirs. Right? Guys' names are part tribute and part cipher for pseudonyms... just like that :)

    Ersa: Arre don't put so much thought into it :)

    Anna Bond: HAHAHAHAHHAA!!! Adar bagge yochne maadi maadi na tale uppinkayi aagittu adikke bere ellargunu swalpa taste kotte ;) Nim post elli swami?

  11. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Ah, so it's not just me. Relieved to see so many 'What?'s here ;)

    LOL!! on the 'tale uppinkayi'..not too appetizing though..hehehe

  12. i do NOT appreciate comments in kannadiga. either teach me the language... or comment in hindi, marathi, bengali, punjabi or english. gujju will do too.

  13. erm... prev comment was for dewey ONLY.

  14. Umm ...hon... it's Kannada. Kanndiga is a person from Karnataka :D You'll have to make do with translations... I'm no good at teaching people.

  15. Aai ga! I will need some extra chai to decipher this one. LOL. I am assuming you are Mini? If so, screw 'em, honey!

  16. wah! kya tangling hai!

  17. hehee... sowwie! :D
    but considering i don't know the "right" term to refer to a ghaati also.. u can u'standing pls! :D

    and no.. i shall not make do with translations! i have the right to snoop on ur blog! :D

  18. Pitu: haha... honestly doubt chai would help! But I echo your sentiment :)

    Anish: Oh my! Am I suprised to see you here or what!!! Welcome :) Bahut hi tangled hai, dimaag ka dahi ban gaya soch soch ke :D

    Catty: You're a bully :D

  19. lol @ rayshma's I do not appreciate comments in Kannadiga.
    priceless that one!

  20. i am priceless, too! :D
    i am also responsible - single-handedly, in most cases - for increasing comment count here! :D

  21. Waaaow reshma, how do we thank you!! you are thee best. wherever you go comments follow. that must be such a great feeeling. waaow!

  22. yea i totally understood this one (NOT!) :|

    u not really planning to teach in a play school now, are u? :P

  23. Don't worry you're not alone in that matter.

    And by 'play school', unless you mean Dramatics Academy... nope. Hmm, actually, even then nope.

  24. I wonder if Mini crushed for Thor!

  25. I doubt it, they're more vague acquaintances than friends. Man that would complicate matters so much more :S