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Monday, May 04, 2009

How annoying can you get!

Following darling AlwaysHappyKya's admission of her pet peeves, here are mine (Other than the cake and the other list I already made, that is):

I have to straighten the bedcovers in the morning before I leave. I cannot stand to come back to an unmade bed.

My books have to be in mint condition at all times. You can guess I don't lend them.

I also have to buy books, long as I can afford to. I do not like to borrow books and give them back ... chances are that I will buy a book I have liked rather than borrow it again from the library. Same for DVDs.

The bedroom door must stay closed when I am sleeping, even if the main doors ar securely locked and people within are known to me. (same pinch AHK and Silvara :D)

It's also an absolute must for me to cover up with a sheet/duvet when sleeping ... it makes me feel secure, never mind if i kick it off later in my sleep.

Jeans. I iron them. I know you can wear them without doing that/ are supposed to leave them unironed, but I cannot. I have this deep-seated conviction that thy fit better if ironed :P

I can never not wear earrings.

Can't eat pasta if there's no parmesan cheese.

I do not eat beans. Ever.

When I wake up, I do not talk until I reach work. I do not like being talked to soon as I wake up. Or being woken up by the sound of voices. It helps majorly that I live on my own at the moment ... and that friends who stay over are either understanding of this habit or are simply early risers :P I know for a fact that I cannot be heard if I talk soon as I am up and it bugs the hell out of me to have to increase my volume to be heard. Grrrrr

Okay maybe that is enough for now.


  1. Nice crazy list :-)...Loved reading it.

    I absolutely have to make my bed before doing anything else in the morning...

  2. Hey, Thanks for taking this up dearie!

    Ditto-ditto-ditto on the bedcovers, ironing jeans and cover up sheets points :D

    The last one made me think - Oh, wow! What if she gets married and he turns out to be a early morning conversation person ?

    Just a thought ;)

  3. Heehee....not so crazy now are we?!! :D

    Yeah, Evs and I pretty much communicate in different forms of grunts in the morning until we say goodbye. Don't talk to me until I have my coffee :P

  4. Seriously, you are probably lucky you are not my friend. I would call you every morning. And I do get up at 5.30am :D

    Then again, the time zones would make it early afternoon for you (and impractical for me to call you early morning), so I guess you are safe.

  5. yeah I can be pretty annoying to myself! I know wut u mean DDD :)

    Im a clean and neat-freak! If something ard me is not in it's place, I get suicidal lol!

    **I can never not wear earrings.

    OMG r ya my twin sis?


  6. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Oh golly... The bit about not talking till you reach for work is so... golly!

  7. same pinch!! :P
    Especially about books, covering up while sleeping and of course the closed doors too..

    I need to wake up to smiling voices, shouting angry voices will piss me off the entire day...
    Jeans - sometimes, I iron, most times - no. :P
    Same with the earrings, not too particular abt pasta... but, I do like beans :P

  8. I hate borrowing books and coming back home to an unmade bed.

    I also need to close the bedroom door and bolt it too before I go to sleep.

    I take a duvet even in the worst summers.

    I also iron my jeans all the time.

    I also cannot move out of the house with something to adorn my ears.

    Please ask your mother if you had a twin, I'll ask mine :)

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  10. I forgot to add, I also hate waking up to the sound of voices. If that happens, I curse, I abuse, I grumble and curse some more.

  11. Why don't you eat Beans? :)))))

    There was a time when I hated anyone waking me up. Aah! now obviously times have changed.

  12. Ditto! No earrings :P.

  13. Interesting mix.

    BTW, just love the look 'n feel of your blog :-)

  14. Ersa: :) I don't necessarily make the bed soon as I am up (and how my dad gets worked up over that!) but it has to be done before I head out...

    AlwaysHappyKya: You started me off, so thanks! :) We could be like long-lost cosmic sisters or something going by the similarities! My morning habits are another of the adjustments that mother keeps talking of having to make post-marriage... dunno, maybe my husband will be a grouch himself... or maybe he'll learn to not bug me... or maybe I won't remain a grouchy-waker! Marriage promises to be interesting at any rate!

    Silvara: Havens, I guess not! Kya zamaaana aa gaya, pagal kehlane ke liye bhi kitne kasht uthane padte hain! :D SO not morning people, are we? :D

    Amey: You sound like you'd be the perfect alarm clock, by the sound of it (HAHA! Oh lord, I do crack myself up! :P)

    Keshi: Really?! The earrings bit! :D Woohoo!

    USP: I know... golly!

    Pixie: Hehe, yes same pinch!

    D: Man that's a lot in common we have! I detest waking to voices...grrrrr! My mum says she was given someone else's baby... what does yours say? :D

    Solilo: Hehe, the things one does not do for love one does for children... that sort of thing eh? :) I don't eat beans because that was (is) a staple veggie at our place and I do not like the way it's made... ate enough to last me a lifetime and then gave it up. Do I love being an adult or what! :D :P

    Someone: Oh I dunno, maybe you're one of those dudes who can carry off ear-studs... ;)

    Phatichar: hello you! Welcome :) And thank you... I can take credit only for the content though :)

  15. Isn't that... gay?

  16. Not necessarily! in London anyway ...

  17. Hmmm... maybe I'll give it a shot. But you'll be entirely to blame if I end up being... YIKES!!... never mind :P.

  18. u wait till i leave to blog, don't u?
    abt the bed being made... i WILL disagree! :P
    u already know my pet peeves... hehehee! :D

  19. aaaiiiieee!! too many co-incidences! :P pnts 1,4,5,6 and to some extent 2..i ditto with you :D B-)

  20. Someone: I hate to break this to you but I'm afraid it doesn;t work like that :P

    Catty: No? That's more your thing... don't think I haven't noticed how there is a post up just after I retire for the day. Hmpfh :P And what you'll disagree... ek do baar kiya theek hai, kisne kaha ki mujhe karna accha laga? Huh? :D I laaauuuvvveeee you muah! You have ONE pet peeve Catty: people. :D

    Purnima: And this post proves that I am not unique... there are at least four other people who have the same pet peeves that I do :D Welcome to the club!

  21. I just HAVE to skim the news on the ipod first before gettin outta bed!

    ps- hows the japanese novel goin

  22. I see I will have to get up pretty early to make you mad ;)

  23. Vaudevillian: Welcome back! I like your display photu :) And I will admit to occasioally checking the blog on phone first before doing anything else :D Been reading and taking notes for the novel, but all he seems to be doing now is mooning and having affairs... going slow you can tell.

    Amey: Imagine this: "I have to wake up at 3:00 a.m yaar"


    "Arre I have to call this friend and irritate her"


    You must admit the idea does sound a bit silly :D