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Saturday, May 09, 2009


D tagged me to do this a really long time ago and I am finally getting down to it (sorry, D!). I'm also partly borrowing D's idea for doing the tag.

1: My roll number from class 1 to 7. Loved being the first one to have her name called every morning to answer... and then I could spend the next 20 minutes day-dreaming while the teacher finished her list :D

2: Number of laptops I've had thus far. Meet Yvonne the second!

3: Number of cities I've lived in — Mysore, Bombay and London. Also the number of countries I've visited: England, Scotland and Singapore (I SO need to travel!)

4: Number of bloggers turned good friends — Mahi, M, Catty and Galadriel.

5: My favourite number... I also like to think of it as my lucky number.

6: Number of cellphones I've used till now. I have some stories to tell there... of the ancient but sleek one that died a slow death and the trusty one whose face I managed to destroy one night ... bejeezus!

7: My favourite day every month, even if the actual day is pretty crap. Also the number of years I've lived away from home.

8: 2008 rather, if I had to be precise. The year in which blogging took off for me in a big way

9: the soft toys I had when I was growing up.

10: The number of books on my desk right now ... take a look!

Tag done! Anyone wanna take it up?


  1. Internet Explorer??!!!!! And you call yourself my friend?! I take offense to that. Download FX right now or consider yourself shunned!

  2. ROFL!!!!
    i forgot what i had to say after Gs comment!!!
    9 could also be MY b'date and the summation of YOURS and vin's! :P

  3. Exactly! Internet explorer is such ancient history! Get firefox NOW.

    Hehe don't worry. Even I used internet explorer for the longest time UNTILL The Little Brother gave me the weirdest "oh you are SO uncool and backdated" look and downloaded firefox for me.

    And hello. What is this about you meeting me through blogger? We met on orkut FIRST! Remember? Because of some fella!

  4. LOL!! :D

    nicely done! :)

  5. What Firefox? It's nothing else but Chrome for me. Try it once and you get hooked to that speed and ease!

    I didn't realize that advantage of being the first on the attendance. Always thought they had a tough time being called first for viva exams and such.

    10 books on the table at a time, Wow! Badey 'padaku' nikley aap to :D

  6. Yeah, Chrome rules! 5 is my lucky number too! :)

  7. :D, DDD,

    lovely tag!

  8. So does your name start with A? :D :D

    Nicely done tag. I just love your blog theme and header. Always like it when I come here.

  9. Jeheezuz!! Give the girl a break!!

    Galadriel: tech-snob!!! :P You really ought to work for Firefox's marketing :D

    Catty: That does it, I'm going think a million times before I post pics again :P We're all number nines, the three of us :D

    M: Aw cmon! You know I'm the 50's queen! And umm... I sorta stalked you on blogger before I said hello on orkut... but you didn't know about that of course :D

    Pixie: *blush*

    AlwaysHappyKya: Arre!! I'm being ignored in this battle of the web-browsers! Not done I ssay!!! Dude what vivas would you have between class 1 and 7? And 'padhaku'? Maybe ;) But mostly because I've got no more room on my bookshelf :D

    Thought Bubbles: Haha, sae pinch!

    Purnima: :D You wanna do it? Tag of the month :D

    Solilo: Hehe, yes... and thank you!

  10. Oops, I forgot what I was going to say... Internet Explorer is history? Really? Why didn't anyone tell me I'm part of history?!

  11. as u say ur name was the first in the register...that confomrs ur name starts from A..and i shall assume some names....and ken follet?!?! read his eye of the needle and lie down with the lions...and even i use IE in office...! so i am a part of history too..!! :(

  12. D: You and me girl, we're two of a kind then.. no wait, three :D

    Silk smitha and disco shanthi: I'm seeing you here after ages!!! Howdy doing?! Umm yes, A would be right, please stick to DDD though :) And yes, Ken Follett, that's his second historical novel there and those are his best works if you ask me... not the thrillers. Chalo I have company on the ancient history shelf ;)

  13. if u think a million times before posting, u'll forget what u were going to post! :D

  14. @G: I have been telling DDD this since we first commented :D

    @DDD: 20 min for roll-call? Those were the days, right?

  15. Is that laptop resting on a santa claus outfit? :P

    I'm sure i can make out the white lining around the cap. Or is that the beard? :P

  16. Rayshma: I forget that your name is Rayshma and not Catty. It feels weird to use Rayshma :D Main apna extra sochne waala kaam tumko outsource karu kya? :D

    Amey: Seriously... those were the days :) And hello?! You said that before G did? How come I don;t remember that?! Hold the wisecracks about faulty memory and upgrades okay? :P

    Someone: That, as it were, happens to be my duvet cover! It's red with huge white flowers on one side... What on earth would I have a santa outfit for?! I don't even like kids all that much to subject myself to ones that will insist on climbing in my godi and tell me all their wishes... pfftt! :D

    Pitu: :D Would you do this tag if I requested you to add a bollywood twist to it? :D It'd be a hit!

  17. apne liye toh soch nahi paati... tumhare liye kya sochungi?!
    outsource at own risk, i say! :D

  18. why don't u tell these ppl that u HAVE firefox... simply use explorer??
    i will stand up as witness... pwomise! :D

  19. riks pata hai na medem... not telling them because... hum toh aise hi hain ji! :D

  20. Remember you complained to me that you cannot see Adlergedanke, any my subsequent suggestion? :D

    Can you visit it now, incidentally?

  21. OMG yes!! Haan i can visit now... but it wasn't an IE waala problem coz I managed to access it from IE only, later :D

  22. Sigh... whatever happened to blankets/mattresses/quilts/etc...

    They're still quite the rage over here, you know :P.

  23. Of course they are!

    Only, they're called duvets ... sometimes :P

  24. Oh well! English is probably one the most bloated languages in existence, after all :).