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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What do you say to your boss

when you see something that looks like fluff atop his head and he catches you staring?

"I thought I thaw a puddy tat!"


  1. LOL!!!
    Did you actually tell him that?!! ;)

    I wish I could say something like that to my boss... :D

  2. Allo Ms. Visccisi... whatever... howdy?

  3. ON his head?

    i already told u what i'd say... hehehehe!!! :D

  4. Why exactly do you stare at your boss' head?

    Fluff, boss' head... too many jokes.

  5. lol! :)
    tweety was one of my fav characters.

    btw.. noo post is coming post memorial day, after we do some touristy stuff :)

  6. Pixie: I wish!! It was actually a delayed response... but maybe I'll catch him at a good time next and be able to use it :D

    Somoene: Allo allo, I'm alright... you?

    Catty: Haan na! What did you think?! And how would I know why! :D

    Amey: Erm, hold the jokes :D Why exactly do I stare at my boss's head? It's a bit hard to not stare when someone's standing across you and inclining their head downwards and you notice something incongruous with the hair... hai ki nahi?

  7. Anna Bond: yay!! Will wait for noo post :D Tweety wasn't exactly a favourite... but you ought to admit it did give a very handy line for otherwise difficult situations :D

  8. :-) new hair style?

  9. :-) new hair style?

  10. Arunima: Nah, just fluff haha...

    Pitu: ;)

    Alice-in-wonder: :D