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Friday, May 15, 2009


is one of my favourite words (even though it does not end with 'ous'; yep, those are my absolute favourite for some unfathomable reason).

Anyway, vicissitude has been the flavour of my day because my morning started off with me musing over how tiny things had changed over months and contributed majorly to my 'growing up'. Such as remembering to renew my travelcard the evening it expired instead of waking up the next morning, panicking because it would take time to renew it, huffing and puffing and being late for work (heck, I managed to remember and renew it one evening in spite of being fairly inebriated! Go me!).

Then there were the posts that Chandni and Dee put up today...

And then the biggest realisation. I stopped myself from sending an email to a friend. It was typed and ready. It was okay sounding. Hell, it didn't even have any matter that might cause inconvenience, trouble or bad feeling. But it didn't seem right. The time. My inner voice told me I'd be better off if I did not send it. And I listened to it. So I guess that's goodbye to the rash old bit of me.

Finally, that I write about feminism quite a bit (no, wait for the part that follows) and since feminism is in itself a rather changing thing ... my old tagline could well apply to it. Or maybe I could have a new tagline: Feminism is a dewdropdream.


  1. Gangrene used to be my fave word for the longest time. Dont know why

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Oh, speaking of fav words - for now I can think of 'tuppa' in kannada the way the tongue kisses the ceiling of the mouth and then the lips pressing against each other all in a second for this short word :D

    And BTW, the last sentence is a beauty..wanna use it somewhere too! :)

  3. La vida Loca: Gangrene? Really?! Amazing... what is your favourite word now?

    AlwaysHappyKya: You know, now that you mention it, 'tuppa' IS a VERY nice word... I really like how it is pronounced :) And beautiful description you gave there. Yeah the feminism is a dewdropdream is among my favourite quotes now :D

  4. Which friend was tht :P Dont hold back an e mail from me ;) plz

  5. Feminism is a dewdropdream! Nice :)

    As for Vicissitude - I have liked it ever since I came across in in my 10th Std English Lit text book :) I also really like 'Serendipity' :)

  6. Eyasha: Ummm... assuming this is your first viit here, welcome :) And I hould think holding back emails is a good thing! :)

    Smitha: OMG yes!!! Serendipity... an all time favourite that is!

  7. who were u mailing, bitch?! i don't want u thinking before mailing me! :(

    i don't u'stand this post completely... but then, i haven't clicked on the links (as always), and also.. i'm sleep-deprived and drunk.
    so will try again. later.

  8. good that you didn't send the mail. We often regret having spoken too much rather than not speaking.