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Monday, June 29, 2009

Nero: Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil

Blogger's block and Life continue to plague me so I have nothing to post. Catty has kindly come to my rescue though and provided me much fodder, while she's still on a roll at her own space. Gotta appreciate that! Now, I don't know how many of you followed the lengthy discussion that happened between Amey, Catty and I over an actual movie called Nero, but having now appointed ourselves director, writer/lyricist and producer, respectively, here's presenting Catty's very vivid script... in parts.

A beautiful land, very far away is ruled by a just and kind king who is obsessed with things Roman . All is well in the land except that the king can't have children. His evil half-brother karan singh (Arbaaz Khan) seeks to usurp the throne, and live happily ever after with his harem. Karan Singh has instructed the queen's maid to add 'the pill' to the queen's tea every morning. However, the maid's loyalty gets the better of her and eventually, Nero (Abhay Deol) is conceived.

On Nero's birth, the king speaks to the court wizard and they conjure up 200 new coins to symbolise the new era. The coins bear a picture of the king and queen with the royal heir on one side and the royal seal on the other. These coins are magical, as the royal wizard has charmed them. Every year, till Nero turns 20, 10 new coins would become visible in the chest. These coins would bestow upon the ruler (presumably Nero) one super power per year. The loophole is that if in the wrong hands, the superpowers could be used adversely - to plunder and destroy. And only the royal heir could stop the mayhem.

The wizard then puts the coins in a box and curses one of his ichchadhaari naags that he will guard the coins for Nero. Only the royal heir with the "one" coin would be allowed by the snake to touch the chest and take the coins. Once nero is over 20, and has taken all the coins out, he would be able to free the snake and return him to the state of his choice by gifting him the coin he wore around his neck. He then puts one coin, strung on a gold chain, around Nero's neck.
Karan Singh, however, overhears the first part of this "private" discussion and decides to get rid of Nero. He throws a party for nero's first birthday, aboard a ship. (cue Sunny paaji doing a "Lucky Kabootar")

While the guests are busy watching the item number, Karan Singh pays one of the maids to throw Nero aboard. He is unaware of the coin around baby nero's neck. The king suffers a stroke and dies. The queen, heartbroken, withdraws to a dilapidated kaali ma temple and swears that she will not speak unless reunited with her son. People eventually forget about her.

... Yeh jaanne ke liye ki aage kya hota hai, dekhte rahiye, Nero: Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil!


  1. if nobody boycotts u (should that be us?) after this... i'll rest assured that madness is still alive!

  2. Such vivid imagination. And not to mention all those years of growing up on Bollywood movies and Amar Chitra Katha has finally paid off. Such inspiration! Now I cannot wait for remaining parts.
    BTW: Why Arbaaz Khan ya? Poor man has enough to deal with already!

  3. Brilliant imagination Ray and Dew!! :D

    Looking forward to teh remianing parts as well now!!

  4. Fantastic! I am settling down on the couch with a cup of coffee and chips! :D
    Keep it coming girls!

  5. waiting with bated breath.....


  6. All credit goes to Rayshma, please :) Since she's the brain behind this, I shall leave the floor for her to respond to comments and put in a guest appearance now and then. Thankee.

    Catty: Looks like we got away with it after all! ;) Hail Her Madness!

  7. Hmm, coins in a chest and 'the key' around Nero's neck .. Nero masalafied with Pirates .. interesting.

  8. What vivid imagination... I can see the effects of bollywood has left its mark... keep at it, you can sell this script and make rich.. When you do.. don't forget the friend who encouraged you :) (now don't pretend you don't know who that is.. moi of course!@!)

  9. I was so expecting the coins to have royal heir on one side and royal hair on another. Maybe we should cast Himmesh (minus cap) as the King.

  10. amey: given the deol boy's receding hairline... hair wouldn't be so apt, no?! :D
    dewey (and YOU) refuse to associate with himesh, so well... :)

    preethi: hahaa.. of course. YOU were the one who said i should write no?! so all blame also goes to you. :D

    sarfraaz: aage aage dekho hota hai kya! ;)

    never mind: erm... i dunno... i think he rocks negative roles :D

    pix, anu, mumbai diva:
    thx! dewey has the whole story. how often and in how many parts u get it, depends on her schedule actually! :)

    dewey: guest appearance? i practically spam this space! :D

  11. Ultimate tribute to our beloved 'old school' Hindi cinema. Reminds me of this brilliant film by Big B, 'Mesiha' which bombed at the BO. I, however, loved it!! Why do these new-age avant garde-ish directors have to come up with sensible movies? THIS is true Hindi cinema!! Take a bow! :)

  12. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Wah!Kya story hai, kya suspense hai..

    Register this one fast before some bollywood chor scriptwriter flicks and makes big bags of money of it ;)

    Out of all , I can't wait to hear what all tricks that ichadari naagin has to play in the movie. :D

  13. Catty, I meant I was going to make a guest appearance... the amount you come by this could well be your virtual home... it's a bit like playing yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar like we did when you were here :D Oh and looks like you'll need to add to the script, AHK's demanding extended scenes of nagin's tricks.

    Amey: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHA!!! Idea toh hai bahut accha hai ... I'm trying to convince Catty, keep you posted ;)

  14. Oh, I don't mind His Highnose as long as he is killed off before titles ;)

    Going location hunting for the royal palace, and the party boat now.

  15. Arre the script barely started and he's already been bumped off. Kya director saab, aap sab kaam khud karte hain? Assistant nah hai location dhoondhne ke liye?

  16. amey: boat has to be in dolphin-infested waters.
    u could use the filmcity temple for kaali maa! :D

    dewey: no additions to script. naagin already has adequate item numbers and antics. we can, however, make another movie on her antics. yeh waise bhi kaafi lamba chalega! :D

    no enigma: i HAVE seen and enjoyed masiha! :D

    ahk: thx! :)

  17. nice nice nice...:-)...will go read the next part, if it's up already..