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Friday, October 09, 2009

All that glitters ...

'Knight in shining armour' is a rather suspect expression in my very humble opinion.

A veteran knight would certainly have fought many a battle and would in all probability have well used armour. Which leads to the conclusion that it would be a rookie who'd have shiny armour. And what really are the chances of him being gifted enough to fight skilfully?

On the other hand, if it's a long-timer who has shiny armour, you may be certain that he's got someone keeping it shiny for him. In all probability a woman who is grumbling while doing aforesaid shine-maintenance.

Which leaves me to wonder, why the heck would anyone want a knight in shining armour?


  1. I agree...

    Probably he is just vain. :D

  2. Anonymous4:04 AM

    good logic!!:D

  3. very thought provoking :-P

  4. I like that take on knight in shining armour. You really have destroyed that cliche for me!

  5. alice-in-wonder2:13 PM

    Heehee.. never thought about it from this angle before :D

  6. AND he rides a horse!!!
    armor toh armor... GHODA kaun sambhaale!
    give me a dude in a shiny car anyday! ;)

  7. hmmm... good question!

  8. if u look at it the other way round..just assume that the old knight gets new armours after every fight...and the rookie knight gets the old knight's armour....henge????? too thought provoking alla???

  9. Pixie: Haha, possible!

    Wishes Galore: Hehe, I guess!

    Titaxy: Yeah that's me alright ;)

    D: Somewhere out there is a knight crying out "Nahiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!! IS din ke aane se pehle mujhe tumne PAGE kyun nahi bana diya bhgawaan! Aisa zulm mAT karo mere saath!" :D

    Alice-in-wonder: But it makes sense, doesnt it?

    Catty: I KNOW!!! And you already HAVE a dude with a shiny car ... ab aur kya chahiye? :D

    Purnima: Hai na, bolo bolo :D

    Silk smitha and disco shamthi: Ah the lone brave male voice among so many female suporters! For your courage and wit you shall be Knighted! Now, do you want shiny armour or used armour? :D

    Very good point, well made. But if that's the case the man would be someone with wasteful expensive habits... I don't know how many women would like him then ;)

  10. But wouldn't you want a veteran knight, a hedge knight perhaps, who keeps his own armour shiny? Or a veteran knight who has servants to keep his armour shiny, the servants who will do you work as well?

    I guess there are very few women who get sparkle in their eyes when they see well-worn armour on men. But give us leave and we men are ready to go back to our non-cleaning ways (refer any bachelor's apartment for mental picture) :D

  11. my dude doesn't have a shiny car. not even new car! :D
    but yeah... dude yehich chalega mereko! :D

  12. Amey: Men don't marry. They go through a change of command ceremony where the responsibility of picking up after them passes from their mother to the wife. Bah. Well worn armour ... I'm not really the sort of person who likes war paraphernelia so that's a no from me, but hey, who knows ... some other girl might ;) As far as finding a veteran knight who keeps his armour shiny is concerned, chances of that are slimmer than finding a gifted rookie. And if I could marry a knight who has servants to keep his armour clean, why would I settle for a knight? I'd go for the king himself :P That's what Anne Boleyn did. Granted she got her head chopped off but she had it going good for a while!

    Catty: AND he will sing aaja meri gaddi mein baithja :D What more can you ask for eh? ;)

  13. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I would like a man with more easily removable clothing please ;)

  14. I was about to point out that knights did have hired help, but it's already been pointed out.
    Try another theory?

  15. @DDD: Change of command? Exactly. The man is now going to be mainly bossed around by his wife, instead of his parents ;)

    And hey, we were talking about knights. You can't change the rules and start with kings.

    @cluelessness: And... that's one more line which a Gentleman doesn't get to say.

  16. Cluelessness: Hehe, I agree!! That's a very very valid reason!

    Arthurn Quiller Couch: You're back to blogging then? :) Hope you post more frequently now! As far as my theory goes, I think my answer was provided by Cluelessness above!

    Amey: Yeah well, he'd not get bossed around if he was capable of picking up after himself no? :)And who says I cannot change the rules? This game is all about changing the rules and not informing the other party! ;)

  17. snippetsnscribbles9:38 AM

    heheheh :D I agree with Clueless too :)))))

    have soemthing for you on my blog :) come on over, gurl ;)

  18. Yup, changing the rules without notice is encoded in that other "X" chromosome, just as not cleaning is encoded in the "Y" chromosome.

    BTW, we (me and Rayshma) got idea for our next movie. See if you can find it. :D

  19. Knight in shining armour riding a white horse...
    Like your analysis... dissection rather. :)

  20. Knights are saviours and humans find anything exciting (read shining) as long as it does them some good. Women in particular love men who look after them. I disagree that marriage is a passing of command ceremony. Marriage is the stamp of manhood on a boy, sometimes by his own consent, sometimes not.

    At the risk of sounding sexist, I think it takes a lot of courage to hold someone's hand and promise them all the comforts you can possibly get for the rest of your life. Women provide the emotional strength, but its actually Men who have to step up and be counted upon.

  21. chahiyeee... thoda aur... thoda aur blog chahiye...

  22. Anonymous8:16 AM

    How extremely thought-provoking!

  23. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Where art thou O Damsel? You are now nearly a month missing!


  24. SnS: Thank you! :)

    Amey: But of course! I found your idea but looks like the director and scriptwriter have done a houdini!

    G: Thank you! And welcome :) It's going to get a bit confusing around here, we have one too many Gs!

    Winger: I was half-joking about the change of command ceremony thing, I was being sexist too in my own way! What we're both talking of is marriage as it was traditionally viewed. Things are different now. Men don't always need picking up after just as women don't bring just emotional stability to a marriage.

    I think it takes a lot of courage to hold someone's hand and promise them all the comforts you can possibly get for the rest of your life.

    It's applicable to men AND women. Both are counted upon in different ways and capacities and I guess that is what defines a marriage: Partnership and the division of responsibilites. Of course, all that has to function smoothly, with both parties aiming to work as a team, wanting an outcome that is satisfactory to both of them!

    Knights ... well, not all of them are saviours :) And not all women want to be looked after, whereas there are men who might like being looked after! All I'm trying to say is, generalisations and cliches of yore aren't necessarily true of things today.

    Rayshma: Chitthee na koi sandes, jaane woh kaunsa des jahan tum chale gaye :P

    Unsunpsalm: :)

    Alice: Blogger's block. Will you do me a guest post?

  25. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Is that to stop me hounding you, or a sachi-muchi question? :)


  26. Haha, arre sacchi sacchi baba. Kya bolti tu? :D

  27. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Yeah!! Mail me :)


  28. Anonymous1:59 AM


  29. it's been silent here for too post, pls?

  30. Alwayshappykya: They say you shouldn't piss a preggie lady off, I would love to not try that :D Afraid a new post will take slightly longer, really appreciate the alarm though :)

    Titaxy: It has, I know! Sorry! Might be a while before I post however :(

  31. :-( pressure :D..

  32. Oh too many Gs eh? I have 3 Gauri's commenting on my blog and a fourth one sporadically too. I can understand the confusion. :)

  33. G: Your earrings are very pretty! How do manage to know which Gauri is which anyway?