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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of Firsts

It's easy enough for us present day humans — we know a dream's a dream. Or a nightmare. We can deal with those ... thrashing about, screaming, waking up drenched in sweat or continuing to sleep blissfully with only a beatific smile to punctuate the sequence. And very often being woken up rather rudely just as something pleasant is about to happen. But wake up we do, eventually, knowing whatever it was was only a temporary interlude — sometimes remembering, sometimes forgetting.

If you're me, you also wonder which really is the dream and what is reality.

But what of the very first human who had the very first dream? What did he/she react like?

Or are dreams something that have been programmed into the brain patterns of our animal ancestors such that the first human reacted the same way that we do?

P.S: For those still interested (I'm looking at you especially, Catty), I've picked up The Tale of Genji again. It's going really slow I'm afraid, it's not exactly a page turner and all the footnotes and things keep distracting me. Not to mention the fact that all Genji seems to do is sleep around and behave like a little boy. I know, this is what I signed up for but it'll take a while to finish. It's a 1100 odd page book, the last one I read this size or close to it was World Without End and Amazon tells me that was only 816 pages. But I've got pretty haikus and phrases to keep me interested. I would tell you I'm making notes as I go along but I am not. I like to read when I read, not fuss about making notes and nonsense. So in that sense the 'review' is going to be from the heart and straight off the bat, and take ages. Maybe the next ten years. If I'm not dead by then. Or lose my copy. Or something.


  1. i've lost interest in genji.
    the line i told u abhi on chat... that! make it into a bolly flick... and watch the interest rate spiral! :D
    i think i'll do a script on genji faster than you do a review... what say?! ;)

  2. oh, that comment was so out of context... but well, you mentioned me... and i only read the part which mentioned me...
    as for dreams... i don't rber mine unless they're REALLY arbit... like poo trying to hunt me down or something... so well...

  3. i usually don't remember dreams...i remember i dreamt something, but mostly of the times promptly forget what it was all about the minute i open my eyes..anyway, so yeah, it is interesting to ponder what it would have been teh first time it happened to the first human...not just the dream, but anything for that that person would've reacted.. :-)

    so asking you for a new post did work, eh? :D...

  4. Animals dream too..

    Dreaming didn't start happening a fine day... As consciousness developed, we started registering them .... not overnight...

    a gradual, slow process..

  5. Some dreams are so vivid that I remember the colous in my dream as well!
    Mostly I forget...

    But, I am not going to read Genji so, that's ok.
    Where were you all these days?!
    Good to see you writing again Dewey! :)

  6. Or are dreams something that have been programmed into the brain patterns of our animal ancestors...

    That begs the question, how did the first living being reacted to his dream? :D

    1100 pages long book? Now that's a review I would love to read.

  7. amey: the review will merit another book, i think! :D

  8. Hmm... that is an interesting thought...
    But what of the very first human who had the very first dream? What did he/she react like? I wonder too...
    My dreams are weird... many people from my world always seem to get mixed up in it and usually it's related to something I did/ spoke about/ thought deeply during the day... but mostly it doesn't make too much sense.. I do remember most of it when I wake up but forget later unless I tell someone about it! :)

  9. Rayshma: Chee, I do this reviewing lark for you and my audience rejects it? Tch tch! Go do a script, it will entertain me :D Why exactly was Poo hunting you down?

    Titaxy: I believe your request had the timing factor :D

    Sands: I did think it would be something of the sort ... but even so, can't have been exactly comfortable for the peson/creature having the very first dream.

    Pixie: Shh ... secret mission! ;)

    Amey: That is an interesting question no? :D The review ... we'll see how that goes now ;)

    Anu: Yeah that happens with me too sometimes! Bizzarre dreams are the norm with me though!

  10. arbit sapne ka logic hota hai kya?!

  11. Freud se poocho toh pata chal jayega :D