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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"Sometimes the mystery is better than the knowing, wouldn't you say? Sometimes the journey is better than the destination"

The last thing you'd associate with such profound philosophy is swearing. Or maybe one does. I can't say for sure.

As swear words go, 'Limone' doesn't do too badly. In fact, I think I can recall the usage of 'Lemon' in some Regency book or other as abuse. It wins also due to its inability to make me laugh while swearing at someone — unlike 'Paperskull!' or even 'Hog Dandruff!'

And whilst we're on the subject of swearwords, here's to the chap who taught me beauties such as 'Anoncephalus', 'Gluteus maximus' and 'Gluteocephalus'.

Happy Birthday Treetop!


  1. keeping in sync with the first 2 lines (since we're no longer leaving unrelated comments :D) - "sometimes, the best gift one can get is an unanswered prayer"


  2. Is a word a swearword when the swearee and swearer don't know the meaning of the word? Does intent make a word into a swearword, or does the meaning?

  3. hog dandruff? goodness!

  4. imagine you or me going and asking our parents to teach us the worst swear word at the age of 8!
    i would have got a black eye :P

  5. Rayshma: Why won't you leave unrelated comments now? This blog will be rather soona soona without them! Will wish bday chappie on your behalf too :) Party ke liye you'd have had to go to that univ town I told you about ... too far! :D

    Amey: That's something I've wondered about too. Sometimes I think swearwords are over-rated. You can hear them only for so long before they stop being really offensive and become just sounds. In my case anyway.

    Mumbai Diva: I believe that one was a Garfield contribution! I think it's more Jon's face in that panel than the actual word that makes me laugh!

    Celestialrays: Well, now you know why friends are the family we choose for ourselves :P