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Sunday, November 22, 2009


It occurred to me that over the years I'd heard some real gems in the way of put-downs. Some of them are downright mean but they make me laugh when I think of them and let's face it, mean-funny is something all of us have known, at some point or other.

"Ivna mukha nodidre moor dina oota seralla" (He has a face that would make you lose your appetite for three days). Courtesy a childhood friend who had started junior college then, commenting about all those road romeos found leering at girls outside her women only college.

"Yaar iva hanigi maarava?" (Who's this guy? Looks like one of those comb-sellers on the street). This one is courtesy the family. Ma happened to use it the first time she saw Hrithik Roshan and elicited a 'That's HRITHIK ROSHAN ma!' reaction from a very scandalised brother. She continued to refer to him as 'Rutvik' for a while ... I am pretty sure she did that just to annoy us :P

"Vadak tambigi" (literally 'broken tumbler'). Another family contribution. Most often used to refer to Sunil Shetty by one of my uncles.

"Humara standard itna low nahi hai ki hum tumko bhav dega". The younger sister of a friend, when some random guy tried to chat her up.

"Would you date a dinosaur then if you were mentally compatible?". The brother to some guy who'd been droning on and on and on about mental compatibility. You may be sure 'mental compatibility' is one term we never use in any relationship talk :P

"Why?" One of my cousins. A rather good looking girl, she frequently had guys approach her and do the "I know of you through so and so blah blah blah blah blah blah ... can we be friends/will you be friends with me?" routine. Unluckily for them they never had an answer to her rather simple and (fairly innocent) query.

Edited to add:

"Chatri nan magane!" Okay I don't really know the meaning of this one (help? someone? translate pliss?) and I'm not entirely sure but it might be offensive. This one cracks me up BIG TIME thanks to the scene that I associate with it, stuck in my mind indelibly.

I must have been in third standard. In my class were two kids. Rakesh and Shilpa. Shilpa was a chubby cheeked, somewhat short, usually calm and collected little girl. Rakesh was the quintessential school-boy imp ... always upto mischief, annoying other people. Rakesh and Shilpa had the misfortune of being seated next to each other that year. They seemed to get on okay most days, a skirmish here and there did nothing to make the teacher separate them.

Shilpa used to carry an umbrella to school rather religiously. And she'd tuck it in that space below the desk where we used to keep our schoolbags. One fine day, Rakesh was having a case of itchy hands more than usual and simply could not stop fiddling. After he had attempted to manhandle Shilpa's umbrella for the umpteenth time, she really lost it and yanking it out of its place brandished it over his head and scolded "Chatri nan magane!"

The normally rambunctious Rakesh was reduced to shocked disbelief and his face grew really small. To this day, "chatri nan magane" evokes that face of his, as Shilpa is brandishing her umbrella and reduces me to giggles. What was I doing all this time? Oh I was sat at a distance wathing the tableau ... evidently I was observant AND have good memory.


  1. my mom's reaction upon seeing hrithik for the first time - 'choopina maangottai'. literally translated that means his face looks like a mango seed whose pulp has been completely sucked up and licked clean. :D genius aa?

    and she also proceeded to call him ritvik for a while!!! freaky!!

  2. my ma's reaction to hrithik roshan was 'aattu moonji' means 'goat face' :P
    i might annoy a few ppl here, but my ma's comment on shah rukh after seeing hin in some 90's song was 'paalkaaran' means 'milk-man'

    nice list though!

  3. akka...neev dharwad kade avara!??
    And u will not believe what all put donws we hboys have...but as this is a samily forum..i shall tell u only that are descreetly decent
    1. Belag belagge ivana mukha nodire 3 sankranthi aadru niddre barolla!.

    And my own put down to young girls,
    Nene monne biddiro malege chigriro kottombri soppu avalu...yen aadthale noodu"...!! :P

  4. LOL!!
    Good ones...
    My mom said something along the lines of "Hendida mukha"!!
    Not too sure when though!

  5. erm... my mom also called him ritwik for a rather long time!!!!!

  6. Road-side comb seller? Wow, stay away from Hrithik Roshan fans if you value your life ;)

  7. my mom dint call hrithik roshan anything. She called me a fool for liking him. *bursts into tears n loud wails and runs to her room*

  8. My mom says RITWIK too!!!!!!!! OMG! And she also says 'Amruta Rao' which I really don't understand. My fave putdown is a tee shirt that has a basketball graphic on it and says "I'm way out of your league" :D

  9. wow! sakkath list... I'm sure the hubby and his gang from Mysore used many such put-downables... can't remember any though. We were far less 'sophisticated', stuck to simple slang! :D
    I remember someone had commented about Hrithik on the lines of - "Enadu haagide? avana moogoLage carrot toorisabahudu! :))"

  10. snippetsnscribbles2:07 PM

    This must be the one forum where everyone had the same to say - My mom also called Hrithik "Ritwik". And I just have to say the same !!! :D :D She called her Ritwik too!!!:D

    LOL at the list!! Sakkattu!

    Cant think of any now...will write more when I do :D

  11. Anonymous8:03 PM


    My dad's favorite is "Badnekai". Every swear word that he cannot utter in front of his daughters becomes "badnekai".

    My husband's fav one liner is "Nandu yelli idli antha bandbitta" - literal translation "He came off asking where to put his stuff" - yew it kind of sounds gross in English!

  12. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Had a really big laugh in office..Thanks to this hilarious post of yours ;)

    The comment section is as entertaining as hell too! LOL!

    'Ambatey Gojju' or 'Ambatey Shunti' ..I usually use these in situations that ask for 'Gimme a break!' ;)