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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Evolution of Racoon-Man

I've been people watching a whole lot lately, on the tube.
It's astonishing how every single person there seems to have dark-circles, puffy eyes and papery bags under their eyes. Even the tourists!*
I'm just wondering, what if dark-circles and puffy eyes somehow become an element of evolution and our descendants sport ghastly bags under their eyes?!
Worse, what if people suddenly accept dark circles as a norm and the next thing you know someone's coming out with eye-bag glitter and jewellery!

*Shelly (not her real name), my housemate, says it's 'Transference' — even if you're calm as such, all the surrounding tension and stress can really get to you.


  1. wonder if kareena's raccoon look is make-up or the real her!

  2. yea.. I wonder too...

    it looks horrible though. doesn't it?

  3. Came over here from indiequill. and this dark circle thing, I think our sleep cycles have changed! Does anyone sleep at sundown these days, or even at ten? I have developed dark circles too! :(

  4. Racoon-man? Now that's a concept we can turn into our next superhero movie. I even got the theme song:

    Racoonman, Racoonman,
    Looks like only a racoon can.
    Sleepy head, tired and wan,
    Catches winks where he can.
    Look out! Here comes the Racoonman.

  5. I think I've fallen in love with your template!
    Loved the title. I'm banking on Garnier to get me back to looking human after my exams, or I'll end up marketing raccoon-man cosmetics myself :(
    Raccoon man! Haha! I'm gonna laugh at that one for a long time..
    & Amey's little theme song too.

  6. gosh. it is true. specially when it comes to me. and i have no idea when those circles just planted themselves on my face.
    the good part - i don't need smoky eye make up.i have it 24X7!

  7. Galadriel: Haha, ask Catty ... her insight on this would be priceless! :D

    Pixie: Yeah, very!

    Nita: Hello! You know ... I've been told that between nine and ten is the best time to sleep as your body gets maximum rest then ... eleven to twelve is the worst time to sleep because one gets very little rest ... I'd love to sleep at ten but honestly, 24 hours are proving too less lately!

    Amey: HAHA!!! Amey! You're a riot!! Racoon-man would have to be a superhero ... he takes a hit for all of humanity and loses sleep while everyone else gets some!

    My Foot? Hey hey hey! Welcome, welcome :) Marketing cosmetics ... now that could be lucrative but ... best to not have to resort to that! And Amey is sort of the resident wit around here :D

    Agent Green Glass: Heya! Smoky eyes aren't such a problem ... it's puffy papery baggy eyes :(

  8. i have no insights. you forget i lauve kareena kapoor! :D :D :D

    i like amey's song. he's moving from director to lyricist?