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Friday, January 01, 2010

Resolutions and such

So last year, this was my list.

I did write a little more. Not as much as I wanted to but something came of it and that pleases me.

I also did travel a fair bit. Again, not as much as I'd have liked to but it hasn't been an utter waste of a year either, travel-wise. I had three absolutely marvellous vacations, the best ever in fact and I guess that's a lot to be thankful for :)

The photography bit: I'm not buying a DSLR just yet ... let's just say it'll take a while but I've done some pretty good work with the camera I have just now. A friend has one of my shots up on his wall as a poster and I had about four reactions of 'wow!' to that. Pretty good on the whole!

I gave up fiddling unfortunately. A string of reasons ... but maybe I'll take it up again this year. We'll see.

And I did do a random course! Two in fact. It just wasn't bar-tending though. Something a lot more useful and something I hope I can continue with in a few months' time.

It's been a very good year, a year of several firsts and a year of many best-evers.

This year I want to:

  • Visit Catty and Galadriel. My top wish for the year. I want to be able to spend quality time with them.
  • Find direction and make steady progress once I have.
  • Learn Italian fluently enough.
  • See France.
  • Learn to house-keep better.
  • Cook more often and have a repertoire of quick and easy dishes as well as more complicated ones.
  • Indulge in interior decoration.
Happy New Year y'all. I wish you happiness and peace :)


  1. Happy New Year babes!

    May you be able fulfill all your resolutions! :D

  2. hmm..youre list is awesome..i hope you can make that all come true! good luck! stay the same! happy new year! :3

    btw..youve got na ward from me! :D go to my blog to claim it! XD

  3. wheee.. dewey is coming dewey is coming!!!

  4. I like your list!! Impressive. Have a joyous new year!

  5. Happy new year DDD! Hope all your wishes come true this year! :)

  6. happy new year to do Dewey

  7. Get a DSLR - it's so worth it!

    And I want to see France too. Or Greece maybe. And Rome. Perhaps Spain. Oh well, you get the drift...:)

  8. aaila! u're still after mario?? dude, not done! you can't line maaro on MY coolie.. that too, in italian and all!
    i stand no chance then, no?!

    that "dewey is coming" has started sounding like "wolf wolf!!!" :P
    get ur visa.. then we shall talk on this topic...

    MUAH!!! love you loads, child!

  9. Pixie: And to you! :)

    Ayu: Thank you!

    Galadriel: :D Wheeeee!! Ess ess, I is coming to your gaon :D

    The Double Inverted Commas: :) Happy New Year to you too!

    Anu: Thanks, Anu! Happy New Year to you too!

    La vida loca: :D And wish you the very same a million times over!

    D: I would dearly love to! That was the plan this year but I'm moving it forward by a year or so more :) I'm still a good little shutterbug though :D I hope you get to travel a whole lot this year :)

    Catty: HAHA! Eh! Main line nahi maara raha tumhare hamal pe, lekin help hoyega na agar main uska language bolega toh? :D Bas! Ess I bes wanting to come see you, tum please pray karna aisa ho jaaye is saal :) I lauve you tooo.... bheerrryyy much! MUAH!

  10. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Check your mail!!

  11. Anonymous8:07 AM

    And yeah, I forgot (duh me!) -
    Happy new year babes. I hope you can go thru' all your resolutions at year end and mark them off as 'done'. :)

  12. Nice set of resolutions:)
    I also am dying to see France. Spain as well.

  13. House-keeping, cooking and interior decoration... Have I hit upon the direction you want?

  14. mera hamaal sirf mera hai.
    actually, mera bhi nahi hai. but still.