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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is a come-back post*

Catty: Eh! Kidhar ko bhagta rehta hai tum?!

Me: Hai na idharich! Hide and seek khelta hai :D

Btw, do you know there's an official food for hide and seek?

Catty: What? The biscuits?

Me: No. 'Seek'h kabab.

Or maybe that should be a school mid-day meal.

*In other words, in rather very obvious words, that is code for "I have an awful, awful joke which possibly will crack only me up and you should know this by now".

P.S: I should warn you that I also write worse-than-Vogon-poetry poetry. I could subject you to some of that next time, if this is too painful.


  1. erm... it also cracks me up! :D
    and makes me want seekh kabab!!!!

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    that was a gem!

  3. what is worse-than-vogon-poetry poetry?

  4. well.. i write worse-than-himesh-music songs. i beat you.
    hands down.

    you unleash vogon poetry... i shall unleash the inner himesh.
    hmph! :P

  5. My thoughts after reading this:

    "Bakra kya jaane uski jaan ka kya hoga
    Seekh ghuesgi ya saala keema hoga"

    In other words, you never know what post is coming up on this blog ;)

  6. :-) waiting for the poems

  7. Catty: You and I, one of a kind we are :D MUAH!

    I want Amey's opinion on a possible Vogon-Himesh face-off. I'll tell you something else, Vogon poetry to Himes' moojik would be some weapon :D

    celestialrays: :D See, you go about laughing at things like this and then complain about being a crazy-magnet :P

    Titaxy: Hehe!

    Amey: :D There you are! Was wondering where you'd gayabed off to! "you never know what post is coming up on this blog ;)" ... aye, keep 'em guessing is me motto ;) And what do you think of Catty's idea of a Vogon-Himes face-off?

    Arunima: :) All in good time!

  8. is amey aware of the question? :D
    uske blog par poocho...! :D
    i'm off blogs for now... will be back around march 8th!

  9. hey, I came back to say that its an amazing template. The flowers are just too good and I am tempted to do someting like this.

  10. Mein yahan hoon, yahan hoon, yahan hoon, yahan... (in India) ;)

    As for Vogon-Himes faceoff, can we have that before the next "Disaster Area" concert?

  11. Arunima: Thank you! The template took a bit of work and I had help from a friend :) Go for a template change!

    Amey: :D Hee hee!

    YES we can have them support Disaster Area! :D

  12. Amey, Catty says "arre amey, tum india pahunch gaye?!
    i think i'm the only person who wants to go visit, but can't! gah!
    i promise, here, on this public forum.. that i WILL complete hema once i'm done with my march 6 deadline. maybe before, if i watch veer, i may get some inspiration! :D

    Posting because blogger's eating her comments apparently.

  13. *groan* and now I am craving seekh kabab mmm

  14. Lolll good too know there are more people like me... "insane..MAd...pj queens" :P

    it surely cracked me up ..superb

  15. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Hehe! Cute pun!

  16. ROFL .. gud one ;)

  17. dd: im going to agree with "crack only me up" but just cuz you mentioned that, im laughing. :D

  18. First time here..laughed out loud :D ..i could not resist reading the name of ur blog :)

  19. Madam, you cannot disappear again after writing a "come-back" post.
    Yelli idhira?

  20. this is the coolest template i have seen!

  21. Pitu: I'm glad the sultan doesn't issue 'Off with her head!' diktats for bad jokes :D

    Dido: Haha, ek dhoondho toh sau milenge ;)

    Unsungpsalm: :D Thank you!

    Swaram: Haha, thanks!

    Roop: :D yeah I've no delusions about things like these, thank goodness :D

    Dew: I can see why you might've been irresistibly drawn here, hehe. Welcome :)

    I love Lucy: Sowwie! I'll do another come back post maybe ;) Ille idini ... reading more than I write lately :) Taavu hegidiri?

    Suruchi: Thank you! :) Choose kiya maine lekin baaki kam sab kisi aur ne karke diya :D

  22. welcome back~!

    btw..about your comment:

    i love watching stuff from Korea, Japan, Taiwan also~!!!!

    im through with exams though im still studying for the new lessons :3

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  23. Oye Ms. Gayab...

  24. amey - are you referring to her as a female tushar kapoor?! OMG! i can hardly wait to hear her reaction to that! :D

  25. @Rayshma: That begs the question - who is male Antara Mali? ;)

  26. Amey: The man who wears Antara Mali-esque costumes a la Naach is the one who gets that dubious honour :P

    Catty: Chee chee!! Go rinse your mouth! :P