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Friday, January 09, 2009

Oooooooooooh lookie!! It's a shiny brand new... year!!!

Noticed the new template right? I know it isn't exactly Dewdrop dreams stuff... but that's the whole point. In a way. Or part of the point at least. New year and all that you know. And the header gives me this feeling of having a prupose, a plan, a sense of control... and I guess I need to feel that given I've been floundering the last few months.

I don't bother making resolutions usually... but since I did decide this year was going to be different and more happening, might as well start with doing this diffeently.
So, I will:
  1. Write more. Not necessarily on the blog. But I'll write so I can remember more of the year when it's gone by.
  2. Travel more. All over the UK and as much of Europe as I possibly can civer (and afford :D)
  3. Work on my photography and hopefully justify buying a DSLR in 12 months' time
  4. Improve my violin-playing and consider giving the grade 1 exam at some point.
  5. Do a random fun course. Bar tending for example.

I think that's good for now.


  1. add visit Galadriel to that list.

  2. u no louve me.
    i thought u were gonna visit me this year :(
    i fight maaro thru bad internet connection to visit ur space... and THIS is what i get???
    a new year resolution list with NO mention of meeting me????

    btw, me likey noo template.

  3. !!!!!

    To both of you: I wrote 'travel more'. It includes visiting you both. Hebby now?

  4. VERY nice new template :)

    A good list of stuff to do as well - good luck!

  5. I want a new DSLR... and a trip to Europe.

    Nice template though.

  6. Silvara: Thanks babe! Good luck with your goals too :)

    Sulka: Thank you!

    Amey: umm... plan for them both? :)

  7. started following your blog...... :)

    nice template by the way.

  8. FRESH it is! :)


  9. Sarsij: Thank you. And welcome :)

    Keshi: Glad you like it!

  10. Do let us know how the bar tending course goes. It never hurts to have a bar-tending friend! :)