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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wish

I could hear these words right now:

"I'm proud of you, dear"


  1. I am proud of you dear

    does it help?

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Do something that will make you feel proud of yourself.

    That will help.

  3. You wish to hear it from someone specific, na?

    Pick up that thing called phone and dial their number, tell them the 'proud thing' you sure you'll have the exact words you wish to hear from them, dear :)

  4. La Vida Loca: :)

    Anon: Preaching to the choir. What next? Host my own bday party where I'm the sole guest?

    AlwaysHappyKya: You're so wise and intuitive! :) It's more a case of knowing it all and still not saying it... I'm over my mawkishness now. Thanks :)

  5. i'm proud of u.
    for managing to be urself. consistently. and unpredictably.

  6. That means a lot to me :) I lauve you

  7. i lauve u too! :)
    now get off the frikkin phone!!!!

  8. hahahaha!!! WHAT made you think I'd see this faster than an email?! D and I had top-secret stuff to yak about :P