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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Complimentary!

Yeah it comes with the rest of the stuff up here. This post I mean. Anyhoo...
I'm in the mood for recounting the things people have said which have made it all worth it, compliments that I shall remember and treasure forever:

1] "You know Dewdrop, I think when my daughter grows up she's going to be just like you!" (Former colleague who, although being more of the age of an elder brother, took to being a sort of father figure for me. He still emails me and has never forgotten to wish me on my birthday or on Daughters' Day.)

2] "You should write" (Two friends on two separate occasions.)

3] "She is the sort... she's capable on being in that situation of having to choose between two jobs." (Friends, here. Alas! you guys, spoke a bit soon I think ... that hasn't happened to me again.)

4] "You really know where you're going, you know your mind. I admire that!" (An uncle, upon explaining why television wasn't the medium for me. Also at least two other friends, on other occasions.)

5] "I don't expect someone of your level to be able to tune in like that and figure that out, but you do. I'm impressed!" (Violin tutor)

6] "She's a resourceful girl." (Former Math and Science teacher from high-school, when I endeavoured to hoist the huge globe we had used in class onto a tall cupboard without bothering with a chair but merely managing by standing on tip-toe.)

7] "She's self-motivated." (Class teacher for two years of high school telling my dad, all because I produced a hand-made pen stand for the class table at a PTA meeting.)

8] "She was so delicate! Just like a flower ... she'd wither if you touched her. And now look at her!" (Primary school teacher who made me who I am, speaking to a colleague when I went back to meet her and showed her a copy of the magazine I was working at then. This has definitely been the high point of my life.)

9] "I totally trust your taste in books!" (Dear friend, M.)

10] "You haven't changed a bit!" (Gem on every single occasion of meeting in the last seven years, squishing in that one sentence the joy of having a steady friendship that has seen changes in everything else.)

11] "I'm proud of u. for managing to be urself. consistently. and unpredictably." (Catty)

12] "I shall appreciate books more now! and will tell this to everyone who reads! ppl i know, of course! BIG hug... and i'm proud of u, dear! :P" (Catty again, when I explained to her the rigours of a book production job.)

13] "Those photos you took are really good!" (LB on a series of sunset photos I had shot as a first time photography attempt.)

14] "You know, sometimes that strong, independent woman side of you can scare people." (D. Regarded so because I hadn't thought of myself in those terms for a while.)

15] "Your mother and my wife should both learn how to make rajma from you." (Cousin, after I had invited him over for dinner when he was visiting London.)

So what's the nicest compliment that you have been given?


  1. My best one came from my dad when he tole me that he is extremely proud of his upbringing :)

  2. lucky you to be showered with such love :)

    I have a shocking memory so can't really remember the best and don't get them often enough to list lol.

    But today I got one at work - "Good job!" :D

    PS - I'm also curious to know what I wrote that made you write. I believe it's the greatest honour for someone to be inspired by thank you :)

  3. :(

    what about my phweeet phweeet?

  4. See, and you wanted somebody to tell you they are proud of you :D

  5. i'll do this as a tag. eventually.
    the last word there means that u will not nag me abt doing it! :D
    also, u will NOW start complimenting me! :D

  6. Compliments - I have got quite a lot and do remember most.

    But what was unique about your list is the diversity of domains
    they came from.

    From Violin and Rajma to Self Motivation and resourcefulness, that is quite something girl!

    Admire you much much more now :)

  7. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The best was when my Dad told me how proud he was of me and wanted my to help my younger sister with her goals (not that she needs any, the brainy rank getter). It made me feel all grown up and responsible.

    Ofcourse, everytime K asks me to pack something I have made to give his sister (who in his eyes is the best cook in the entire world ), I know its come out great and he wants to show off a little ;)

  8. Never MInd: Isn't that the best kind? :)

    Silvara: :) Truth be told I hadn't such a big list when I started writing... but it just came to me as I went along! Try it though... it's a huge ego booster :) And I decided I'd post the write-up after all... check the next piece I do. :)

    Galadriel: Awwww. Your 'phweet phweet' was very sweet sweet... but we both know where the real gold is no? :)

    Amey: Yes but that was that day... and I still do want to hear it! But yeah this is something :)

    Rayshma: You didn't even so much as give me a chance to nag! hmpfh! And tum par toh compliment ki barsaat karenge... tum ho hi itni compliment-layak :D

    AlwaysHappyKya: That is some point of view! :) Thank you very much :) I am extremely flattered!

    Cluelessness: Pride is perhaps the best compliment ever :)

  9. *gasp* so many. can I borrow some? I was told my dog bark sounds much like a dog's bark more than a real dog's bark. not the nicest thing to be said for, but well worth the amusement.

  10. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Great post idea!

    I can't remember the best compliment, but the oddest definitely sticks in my mind...My husband said that his mom said something about me being like a cow (as in gentle). I had to ask for a lot of clarification about that!

    The fun in cultural differences...

  11. Vaudevillian: haha! Yes very amusing. Which one would you want to borrow from me?

    Minnesotameetskarnataka: Thank you :) And I so understand why being called a 'cow' might have been confusing! well your ma in law likes you a whole lot :)