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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


is when you hoard newspapers intending to cut out bts for your scrapbook. And the absence of that, is not.


  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    I love the new theme....I love the new font....I love the way it pleases my eyes :))) All in all, a totally new look that rocks!!

    Ok now what was your post about? :P

  2. Anonymous1:46 AM

    but your blog roll has disappeared, isnt it? is it bcos of the theme?

  3. Aha..smells new and fresh here!

    Are the pics of yatches and ships intentional? You likey them kya?

    Me has a pic of that kind on my recent post. Bekaadrey itkobaudu :)

    Still maintain a scrapbook?!! Girl, you are great, I say :D

  4. Was going to tap you on the shoulder and remind you to post :P Super theme dudette! Am guessing you are back after your trip.

  5. La Vida Loca6:41 AM

    Niiiiccee template!!
    I likey

  6. SnS: Thenk youuuuuu!! Yes blog roll has disappeared will... re instate it though.... bit of a job there given I have like 50 odd links on it... wish there was a way of retaining the widget.

    Postaa? Nothing re... was coming home and thought of bringing back the paper since it had Daniel Craig's photo and I wanted to cut it out... but realised it's not exactly home and I can't bring rubbish and keep it for ages... swalpa sad aitu ashte. Oh well... there's always the web and the virtual scrapbook :D

    AHK: :D Like it? No the photos were on the template... which is called 'Agenda04' (dunno what nos 1-3 had :P)... gave me nice feeling, like I was in control and had plans for what happens next. I try to maintain a scrapbook... bit difficult though given I'm not living at home as such :)

    Galadriel: Thanks!! Email me bitch! Miss your random bakwaas.

    Never Mind!: hehe... thank you! Yes I am back... shall do an update post soon!

    Loca: Thank you :)

  7. What happened here? :O

  8. Do you mean the new look or the mysterious new post?

  9. You can answer about either/both ;)

  10. zingy template.
    Kinda feel that it doesn't suite the blog theme of precious dew drop dreams :)

  11. Amey: New look... new year and all that, hence changed. Also template is called 'Agenda04' or something and it makes me feel like I actually have things planned and am going somewhere :) Post... see reply to SnS upar.

    Anna Bond: Yeah I thought so too... but it's a new dewdrop dreams avtar... okay maybe dewdrop reality :D