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Friday, January 23, 2009

A few words to Sanjay Dutt

(Oh yes ineed, I have taken my husband's permission before saying this. In fact, you'll be pleased to know that these are his very ideas that I am communicating to you. Here goes:)


P.S: There's a very major reason why you cannot be likened to Obama. He uses a Zune and I'm betting you have like 15 Ipods, rich spoilt brat that you are. Hah!


  1. DDD I have a nit to pick on you. U are not married. So you have to take your father's permission.

  2. But Loca! That would not be the same! Let's just assume this is from the future married me, okay? :D And anyway... as a friend likes to say "Wedding? Marriage? What marriage? It's only a piece of paper you sign for tax benefits... we can get that out of the way sometime" :P

  3. Ahem, I have said before and you just confirmed it: somebody does love her Zune.

    And who is the co-signee on the "piece of paper" then?

  4. I knew you'd pick up on that! I swear i don't have a zune... Don't even know what one looks like! But pointing out that difference that made front page news was irresistible :D

  5. you got married???????
    between last night and this morng.. yeh kaisee chaal?
    KAUN hai woh???

    obama wasn't a drug addict. (was he??) neither is he a criminal. so they cannot be likened anyway.

    and get online and report ur wedding with a bigger, nicer post! :P

  6. I did!!!! :D Took a leaf out of your book and eloped. It was a beautiful wedding... Inside a conservatory with flowers of every variety blooming around, the air scented with their fragrance... Miles of sky and greenery outside... the only thing missing was the groom.


  7. OK, I get it. I dub thee Dew Drop Zune.

    You got married at night? :O

  8. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    Not at night... that was Rayshma talking about HER night and HER day.

  9. why'd u get married in a conservatory without a groom?

    stop taking leaves from my books! stealer! u'll end up unemployed! :D

  10. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Maybe DDD had a "Ghandarva Vivaha" girls...give her a break!!

  11. Catty: Why on earth not?! iT WAS BEAUTIFUL!And yaar, groom ka kya kaam wahan? Weddings are for women, you know that :D

    Cluelessness: Hehe, thanks :D I seem to have heard that somewhere but can't quite figure it out. Explain pliss?

  12. Actually catty taking a leaf out of your book is the very thing to do. I'm going to end up happily married to a nice guy, own a border collie and adopt a crazy child like me. Where's the disadvantage in any of that? :D Muah!

  13. :) Oh yes. Very much. I just added names. You did see a post on another blog of mine. But to be honest, I never knew if many had read the other blog. Not everyone comment you see.

    But it did fit along the story line. Didn't it?

  14. It did! Like a hand in a glove :) You've got a confirmed fan in me!

  15. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Gandharva vivaha means exchanging garlands in temple or putting sindhoor (with nobody except "God" as witness) and then doing all naughty naughty things.

    Basically, in all those Raja Rani days, and ofcourse in our 80's movies where heroines were always pure and righteous, they did Gandharva vivaha (legitimate sex for audience's sake) and then promptly something happens to the hero. Example movie: Aaradhana

  16. hahahahah!! No such thing man... it was definitely a wedding without a groom present :P

  17. nice attempt at getting me to adopt u! :D
    me lauve u.

    and I could be witness that you do not have a zune! :D

  18. I thought you agreed to adopt me?! :O

    And yeah, tell them I don't have a Zune :D

  19. is aurat ke paas zune NAHIIIII HAIIII!!!!

    and I didn't agree to adopt u. i think vin and u are related and are hiding it from me.
    will do the vin-dom post 2mrw... abhi tag kiya.

  20. You did not agree? :( I suspect my parents and Vin might've had some secret adoption pact we know nothing about :D hee hee :D