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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please let the dogs out

There’s another reason why I really need a dog.

Then I could be like John Grogan in Marley and Me and get paid to write about my life.

Scratch that. What I really need is a life.

After all there’s only so much you can blame on the dog.

P.S: What is it with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson? Lady you really need to try harder if you want to convince people you're a good actress. Drawling sentences isn't doing anything. And Wilson? Fella could you please try to put a little more life into your character? Sure you were trying to be the calm and supportive husband but I could not get beyond thinking you looked cute, acted stupid and were about as much help to the wife as a talking hitching post. Make that a hitching post that talks slooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


  1. i heard it was a good chick flick, wasn't it?
    and btw.. how come the dew drops are getting shorter everyday? ;)

  2. I only liked the parts with the dog in it... if the acting isn't convincing then I cannot enjoy a movie.

    Haven't got anything substantial to say for now... regular programming shall resume shortly :)

  3. oye!!!
    howmuchever i may louve u... i LOUUUVVVVEEEE owen wilson!
    he doesn't need to act. period!

    and i want a dog. dunno if i need one!

  4. Arre!!! Yeh tumhare mere pyar ke beech mein aa gayi Owen Wilson ki deewar?! (No no there is no new version of Deewar starring him :P).

    Arre it wouldn't have bothered me so much if it was only him... but to have both the main characters pretend to act... bit too much to digest man. Thank god it wasn't three... else it would have been ill-fated like that other movie we tried to watch :P

    And of course you need a dog!! There's no doubt!

  5. no no... u keep daniel craig. i keep owen. :)
    we both being happy.

  6. hehe :D I keep Jugal Hansraj? :D

  7. of course!
    there are FIVE other women who want him in the world. i'm sure we can beat them to death! :D

  8. Oh thank god someone else thinks Owen talks oh so slowly. Sometimes I feel like slapping him. Worst thing is, I betcha he thinks it's part of his charm :-p I haven't seen the movie, don't have the guts :-(