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Saturday, January 17, 2009

At Random

I've neglected doing Galariel's tag for the longest time, here it is now:
  1. The person I am at home, with family is very different from the person I am away from home with friends and random people. I still manage to remain rather consistent.
  2. It's rare for me to listen to music or read while I'm travelling... I spend that time letting my mind drift wherever it wants to.
  3. I adore wooden flooring... I think it's the height of luxury.
  4. Despite what some people may think, I'm rather active. It's true I sleep a lot but that's to make up for my activeness when I'm awake. I'm always upto something... and most of it is brainwork. And I still don't think I make full use of my potential. Oh and mostly my actvities are solitary ... I welcome company in very few instances.
  5. Unlike most women, I cannot shop during sales where stuff is simply hung on racks in no particular order. I find it really tiring to have to sift through all that. I'd rather buy something I realy liked at full prce, at my leisure when the store isn't stampeded by hysterical shoppers.
  6. I'm a little cat in quite a lot of my personality traits... but I thoroughly enjoy soaking up the rain and dancing about in it. And love the smell of rain-dampened earth.


  1. I forgot I had tagged you. :P

    About buying stuff at full price, same pinch. I cannot wait for sales, if I like something I buy it. Don't care about price.

    I love the rain too! Must have mentioned it in my blog only like a zillion times. :)

    The cat thing, I know only too well. :D

  2. hysterical shoppers? yeah right. I have the displeasure of working in retail, and I can attest that they're something much more; something completely different. hyperbloodyactive scavengers from the wild, really.

    ps- I'm hoping to get DLSRing too! which one did you get?

  3. Galadriel: Well I've done it now :D We do have much in common... I wanna meet you!!!

    VAudevillian: Oh dear... touched a raw nerve there haven't I?

    Haven't yet gone DSLRing actually... will be buying it at the end of this year perhaps. I'm using a fujifilm S5700 and it's a great camera to acquaint yourself with the basics of photography, offers you all the manual controls you could ask for. And I've gotten great photos with it... will just practise and perfect my technique with it therefore.
    We should exchange notes though... when are you planning to buy your DSLR?

  4. sure! I was sailing along all this time on a cybershot DSC-N2 and thought I wanted to get into photography; I'm thinkin of getting a Canon EOS 450D sometime later in the summer. I've been scouring through reviews, and I think it couldn't be more perfect for a beginner. I need to master post-photo touch ups on photoshop and other things before I get it though.

  5. Wowie! I hope you get it soon. I'm sort of partial towards Nikon stuff... Have time before I invest though so it might end up being something different that I buy.

    You might want to try your hand at using Picasa's photo edit features before you venture into photoshop... I'd say it gives you a good grounding.

  6. good to know more about you :)

    I hate shopping in general, sale or no sale!

  7. i was wondering WHAT tag this was and why the bitch hadn't tagged me! :D

    but i LOVE sales! esp when i get fossil handbags for 5 bucks! :P

    the rest, well... i aint surprised! :P

  8. Chandni: Well I hope you like me more now :D And I have my days when it comes to shopping...

    Catty: Aiyyo deva... you want me to make you a permanent tag recipient or something? We'll end up going in circles at this rate :P And mata, sale waali shopping toh tum hi jaano ... I'd go with you though ... we've bought such nice stuff while you were around :D

  9. no no.. i meant THAT bitch. not u! :D
    then i rbered having done this. pronto!:D

    i being ur personal shopper. free, that too! thy company is my payment!
    and cheesecake, of course!