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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Calling My Skeletons to Attendance

So, Silvara tagged me to reveal my 'deep and dark secrets' as she termed them. Ten of them anyway... here we go:

  1. I'm really really finicky about books. I hate lending them to begin with, but if I do at all, then heaven save the soul who borrows one and returns it in less than acceptable condition. Because all my books are always in the same condition as I got them. To quote my friend K, people have to read my borrowed books while wearing a gas mask and gloves, turning the pages with a pair of tongs. I guess it's somehow fitting that I starred in a play called 'Justice for Books' when I was in school. :P
  2. I have recurring dreams of being stalked and then having something horrible done to.
  3. That results in me sleeping in a very awkward position, usually curled up tight. If not, on my tummy with my hands tucked tightly under me, fists clutched tight.
  4. I constantly feel like am from a different planet because it's very normal for me to not get the nuances of conversation when among people. I'm very confused as to how to interpret phrases and glances which other people seem to get in an instant and this always leaves me feeling like a loner in any crowd... it also makes me squirm in discomfort because I must always make an extra effort to get along or blend in.
  5. I don't like revealing things about myself.
  6. I'm inordinately proud of my handwriting.
  7. I'm also inordinately proud of my ability to pick up complicated words almost instantly and believe I have inbuilt word intuition... I can almost always figure what any word means, given its context.
  8. I have unnaturally high, exacting standards but only when it comes to my own performance. It leads to things like wanting better grades than I know I can achieve, trying to finish projects in lesser time than they actually require... and also never posting anything that I feel is not contributing to read-worthy literature.
  9. Being scrutinised or looked at irks me... even apparaising looks irritate me if they last too long.
  10. I adore ice-skating and cycling.

Right... am done. I'm going to tag:

Impulsively Me


  1. I answered the tag but I don't know how to do the linky thingy. How do I do that?

    By the way, I'm the same way about books.

  2. heheh great answers there - I wish I was more caring aout my books as you are...mine usually end up dogeared and worn - but i mean i love them so much i read them over and over :P

  3. Romi: Loved your answers! The linking thing, you need to go onto the layout page and choose the page element where you have the other links up, add whichever page/blg you want to and hit save.

    Silvara: :D Thank you! Oh I read mine over and over again too!! But they still look good :D I think I've managed to alienate a few people by being so finicky but my justification is that I had my books long before they came along... books are my first love :P

  4. Ummm...actually I am working on the blog thing...will continue with tagging after a while...

  5. Excuses excuses... ppffffttttt!!!

  6. u gel in quite fine. u even understand "looks".
    erm.. or... is that just with other non-human humans??