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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Do(o)rk Case

Sunday morning, wake up just in time to e ready for violin class.

Check email: check
Check favourite blogs: half-check
Chart route to class: check
Shower and dress, deciding what to wear in 5 minutes flat: check
Wallet, keys, cellphone in new bag: check
Glasses: pause... and check

Lights off, out of room, room locked... pad downstairs and head to main door. Twist knob and pull door. No result. Oh well. Fish out key, insert into lock and jiggle. No result still. Bring on slightly puzzled look on face and try jiggling lock again. No go. Look at watch, panic and frantically start jiggling lock... when it still doesn't give, go to kitchen and bring out knives of different sizes to try and out whatever is blocking the dammned door. Try for another ten minutes and then give up, fuming because you've missed class, are feeling stupid and angry... and troop upstairs to room fairly seething. Send SOS messages and curse friends who try to make light of the event. Sit resignedly.

Say hello to landlady when she comes down and tell her of the door's troubles. Fetch keys and have her try again.... and have the door open. Go back to kitchen, annoyed and feeling even more foolish and confess missing class. Come up and cancel SOS.

The end. Case closed


  1. lol! :)
    here from loca's... welcome to blog-ville! :)

  2. hahaha!!

    Yeah am accident'prone and do not come built in with fool-proof measures :P

    Rayshma: welcome!!!

  3. Maybe that was someone else glasses you picked up :P

  4. :P My room isn't a lost-and-found holding for other people's spectacles.

  5. lol!! accident prone!! I totally understand!! :D

    Came in from LaVida's blog...


  6. hehehe! Thanks for dropping by!!!

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  8. Me shall blogroll u...


  9. Quite exasperating! :)

  10. Venkatdeep: Thanks and reciprocated!

    Impulsively me: Oh it was!! Where have you been?? Haven't seen you around for ages!