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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Wondering...

God, please explain to me again, what was your point when you created idiots and losers?


  1. C'mon its not God who created politicians!!

  2. He did too!! What's your reasoning anyway?

  3. To put it on a serious note, personally I hate to judge someone as a loser or an idiot. Logically considering, there are no winners or losers but its about various intellectual levels. Every winner is a loser for someone else & vice versa. I mean I don’t want to throw big words around but how do you define a winner or a loser?

    But whatever I blabber in the end I would like to revert to an average thought process (which judges people and then decides to favour or rebel accordingly) and say that God created losers and idiots so as to give two ultrocious intelligent people a topic to discuss on a blog :)

  4. True, you can't actually judge these things... it was mere conjecture.

    And that word again, which dictionary might you be using, pray?

  5. Anonymous5:02 PM

    First time here and still reading a few of your blogs :) Mez from Bengaluru too but now in the US. Can I blogroll you?

  6. La vida Loca9:25 PM that u'll appreciate the non idiots and non losers! yess no?

  7. Snippetsnscribbles: :D Welcome here!! And yes you certainly may blogroll me :) Thanks a lot!!!

    La Vida Loca: hehehee :D Plausible answer :D

  8. entertainment! for the intellectually able. what else?