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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Of Great Bosses and Good-byes

My boss left the company yesterday after five years of working here, to follow his dreams.

Now I know many people can only ever complain about their bosses but I am not one of them. I have always been fortunate enough to have bosses who have been nice, patient, kind and easygoing.

DH though was something else again. It's astonishing just how much one can get used to someone in the space of just two years, even if all you're doing is seeing them for eight hours everyday when you work, sharing very little of anything of your life beyond work.

And now that the new one is here and I have to occasionally offer a little help regarding how things function here, I am surprised at just how much I seem to be speaking and behaving like the old one! I guess I am easily influenced then. But really lucky I had someone like DH to be influenced by.

So DH, here's to you. Here's to people like you and bosses like you. May your kind flourish! You really were the best boss I have ever had. Thank you for everything, you've taught me well and I hope you feel proud for having done so. It seems a little strange without you around. you will be missed a whole lot. But I hope you have a fantastic life and that all your dreams come true.

It's only been a day so it's still too early but I'm hoping to get the New Boss settle into a routine of the occasional random chat in the middle of work very soon. I'm not having some things change if I can help it ;)


  1. hehee... here's to good bosses! cheerz! :D
    was DH the tom & jerry quip one? if yes... then i miss him too! :D

  2. Good bosses! I have had my share of good and bad ones - but the good ones have been such wonderful bosses that they have inspired me so much!

    Here's to wonderful bosses!

  3. good bosses!! heh!
    I have had only 2 good managers so far! :)

    they are a rare breed!! :D

  4. good bosses? isn't that species extinct yet?

  5. i have also been lucky to work with fantastic bosses. Hope your boss reads this. :-)

  6. I could have written this for my first editor when he left and was replaced by a moron (your new boss may not be a moron, mine was!). Good bosses are hard to forget!

  7. Wow.. The current one is the only boss who has been nice to me.. All the others were grade 1 m*****f***ers..Yep, thats how vehemently I hate them that I used tat swear word..

    Anyway, cheers to the awesome old boss and hope the new boss fills in his big shoes!

  8. I always had imbeciles for bosses. And they stayed forever. Why do only good ones have to go?
    Hope your next one is just as good.

  9. So you are training the new boss to act exactly like the old one?

  10. Anonymous3:45 AM

    rightly said..
    i am into my first job and am lucky to have an understanding friends's tales are enough to tell me how stupid bosses can make life hell!!

    i hope some day i too will be writing about him..

  11. I have a good boss too! But there's someone who's NOT my Boss and is NOT good to any one of us. will blog certainly!

    Cheerz to your Boss and mine as well! May their kind flourish, seriously!

  12. Good bosses make work life so much better..n that being such a significant portion of our really does matter!

    n good idea..the one abt training the new one to be like the old one.. i hope (s)he has it in her/him !

  13. replies to comments is missing. me no like.

  14. i does post on good bosses? or on bosses generally? am kinda strapped for ideas anyway... :D

  15. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Oh, cheers to him!
    Such changes are never pleasant ones :(