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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Night Reliever

One dissertation-crazed housemate.

One dog - pining for its masters and otherwise acting bonkers.

One more housemate, melancholy as can be.

A bunch of yellow calla lilies on the table, arranged haphazardly but looking cheerful and pretty.

Take two mugs. Spoon a hot chocolate mix from different brands in them and throw in a chunk of dark chocolate with hazelnuts for that magic kick. Pour in hot water and turn the mugs into containers of magic potion.

Play random romantic songs from hindi movies.

Crunch on the hazelnuts and sip on the chocolate goodness. Ahhh bliss!

Oh hang on, there's no excitement.


Cue housemate making minor whimpering sounds while pointing in horrified fascination at the huge-ass spider that's crawling across the carpet. Interrupt chocolate slurping to throw book on spider and squish it. Excitement over, back to chocolate.

NOW it's perfect.


  1. LOLZ!!
    Chocolate?! yum... me wants.

    Dewey! finally able to comment today morning on your posts... :)

  2. Anonymous4:09 AM

    hot choclate!!aha, i can feel the bliss;))

    throwing the book on spider reminds me of my college days where me n my room-mate were famous of our such 'cruel' way to kill spiders and other creeping things while all the other girls try to shoo them away sitting afar.

  3. Hot chocolate sounds good...make me a mug too please :)

  4. Ha..ha..ha..

    One cuppa!

  5. LOL..

    The chocolate concotion sounds yummy. I should make for the DH and I am pretty sure he wil worship me for life :D

  6. sigh...that sure is a perfect sunday:).

  7. I was gonna say something good about the post... but then.. you squished a spider(similarity to Garfield - score!), and with a book (score-1). End result = 0 :P

  8. where's my hot choc?

  9. and where is my reply!?
    galat information deta tum humko!!

  10. La vida Loca: Absolutely :D

    Pixie: Were you not able to comment till now? Blogger giving problems? You want chocolate? or hot chocolate?

    Wishes galore: Hehe, I personally am not in favour of spider-squishing but this was a special case. I prefer to pick them up and set them free but this one looked like it would run around and cause utter havoc. Hopefully it has now attained Moksha.

    SMM: :) Yeah maybe someday I will be able to!

    Solilo: Haan pakka, if we meet :)

    Dee: Haha, dude DH already worships you! He might like it though :D

    Titaxy: Why you loffing? :P

    Mumbai Diva: Oh we have spiders every single day, not just sunday :P Kidding, it was a rather nice sunday :)

    Alice-in-wonder: IMG! The garfield thing didn't strike me till you mentioned it! Haha! It IS rather similar! Now, what good thing were you going to say? :D

    Catty: Now you want me to send you another mug with hot choc in it? Kya kya bhejoon? Idhar hi aa jao tum!

  11. Hi. Followed the comment you left to your blog. Nice post. I remember my own college days. Lovely years we spent in hostel. Since we were on a tight budget, no chocolate and all. Krack Jack biscuits were my salvation. And the strange thing was that I would crave them at 11pm, just when the college gates would be closed. Then you'd have to beg the security guards that all you wanted to do was run across the road and get biscuits!

  12. yum!!!! chocolate..!

  13. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Random, hence nice