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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Resistance is Futile

Well what do you know.

I'm used to people looking at me like I am a new species of bacteria under the microscope. Make that a mentally deranged, smug bacteria. All because I am not doing anything IT related and did not take up engineering like most of my friends did.

What I am not used to is having this IT stuff creep into my brain stealthily such that I suddenly begin to talk fairly intelligibly about it and have people give me 'Wow! How on earth did you know that? WHY do you know that?' looks. I mean! It's nice, this near-respect I am getting but I guess the only explanation would be that I am Indian and we Indians are born with this stuff coded into our brains and in our genes. I am telling them that. I so am.

And despite making an active effort to not spend too much time on the computer, keeping my laptop in the living room and not switching it on every evening when I get home from work, not blogging half as much, guess what? I apparently still spend a lot of time with computers.

Recently, it dawned on me that heard the typical routine hum of a computer, (like when it comes on after being on stand-by?) rather regularly. One fine day it happened and there was no computer in sight. Turns out it was me.


Edited to add: Okay so I don't get MATLAB even now but so what? :P


  1. buhahahahah!! welcome to the dark side.. :D

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    :D I was gonna say something similar to what Galadriel's said.. but she's about covered it well. :)


  3. You are not an engineer? :O I may have to think about our production company again ;)

  4. Also, you're dating a guy who codes for people who feed their enemies to pigs.

  5. Kind Galadriel: Well, err ... thank you? I guess :) *wry grin and resigned sigh* Dude, abbrevaite your new nickname and it becomes KG :D And that is making me think of really awful puns about throwing your weight around :P I know I know, I am crazy.

    Alice: Haha, so you're happy to have me on the same side as you then? :D

    Sands: Grin away!

    Amey: OMG, you mean to say YOU are one?! :O GASP! :P Rayshma ain't one either, so you're outnumbered in the company ... 'sides we both thought your creative input is far too great to be weighed down by the engineering bit ;)

    Ashish: It is simply not fair that I have to be subjected to IT gyan. I want to learn how to feed people to pigs. I wonder if I can sue someone :P

  6. what do engineers have to do with film production?!

    best explanation to computer-addiction? it's a religion in india. blame it all on the roots, i say! :D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. akka...u not an engineer?!??!
    how can any1 be so smart is she is not an engineer?!? :P :P swalpa jaasthi aaithu...andru...!

  9. Anonymous12:59 PM

    lolz!!! :D


  10. Catty: Mereko kya malum, Amey se poocho :D It IS a religion dude!!!

    Silk smitha and disco shanthi: Regsokke nepa beku nimgalge, ashte :P

    Pixie: tch tch, all you pipals loffing at me! :D

  11. Whoaa...thats some addiction dude!! And what you not an engineer? Well, OK I am not the IT type but at atleast I am an engineer :)

  12. aha! n here is me who has been whining about being a boring IT person for a while now!

  13. @DDD: Oh no. Then again, as the only male, I was in minority before, so...

    @Rayshma: Engineers are creative. Plus, taking different "parts" and joining them together to form a working anything is after all, an engineer's work.

  14. i had heard of people hearing mobile ring or vibrate when it wasn't...
    u dahling have set a new record :P

  15. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I am one of those trillion IT engineers and I would avoid starting my machine at home even at gun point. And, you say its the first and last thing you do at home !! warning though. Make sure your Guy ( in future) is not one of those who treats you second only to his beloved computer. I have a sautan at home always :P

  16. Anonymous8:07 PM

    And hey,

    you said it..and I did it.

    Updates from the preggo land have been put up :D

  17. Anonymous11:52 AM

    you have been tagged!!:)

  18. Never Mind!!: Duuuuudee!!! Loooooong time!! How ARE you?! *big hug* I think I've managed to get over my addiction now :D And yeah, not an engineer!

    Pavi: 'Boring' is only a matter of perspective no? :)

    Amey: It's okay, we'll make you an honorary woman :D

    Celestialrays: Arre I hear my mother calling me and answer even when she hasn't uttered a word, this is just my madness manifesting itself in another form :P

    Alwayshappykya: Haha, no, definitely not the first thing every morning, I have no time in the mornings! ut yeah after coming home it was usually the first thing I did, nothing else to do was my excuse ... but that's changed now! Future hubby is the one who will need some sympathy when he discovers my books get more time than he does :P Preggyland notes been noted, will stop by and leave a propah comment :)

    Smitha: :D

    Wishes Galore: Thankee! Looks interesting, will do soon as I can :)

  19. Anonymous3:08 AM

    amey: toh agli film ki story tum likhoge? ;)

    - rayshma.

  20. Anonymous3:09 AM

    dewey: i could teach you how to feed ppl to pigs.. but then again... i like animals. so i won't! :P
    - rayshma.

  21. @Ashish... The joke of bricktop is lost here.. dont chase it.. And i dont code for them.. i also run the underground network where in i actually chop people up and feed them to pigs, if they dont pay upon time.. Its a messy but quite a fun job.