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Thursday, March 04, 2010


Google annoys me most days what with trying to put words in my mouth (or my search box as it were).

Arre I don't bloody want matrimonial ads okay Google? Or a holiday home, medicines, accounting software ... yadya yada yada.

Today however, the all-knowing Google devta granted me a moment so priceless, I'd breed it if I could.

I opened an email from a distant cousin and Google displayed an ad for 'Pest Control Services'.


  1. ROFL!!!! Now that is original

  2. HAHAHAA...
    google shows me matrimonial ads too... sometimes, i wonder if it's a sign. ;)

  3. If you want another source of google-sponsored entertainment, check out the search keywords which bring people to your blog. I bet "Nero" will cause some nice combos :D

    @Rayshma: Hmmm... Where's your hubby?

  4. Ritu: Isn't it though?! :D

    Catty: :D Arre google sends me matrimonial ads with women in them. Matlab kya? I'm lesbian now? And yeh baat google ko pata hai aur mujhe nahi? Kaise?

    Amey: Arre google chhodo, google pe yeh sab dhoondhne waale log, samples they are! Why search for odd things like that I ask!

  5. @ amey: he also gets matrimonial ads. that's when i go psycho on him! :D
    dewey: google knows it all, i tell you.

  6. lol! does this cousin know?

  7. I agree with Rayshma. Google is omniscient because of its omnipresence ;)

    Some samples in life are interesting, right?

  8. Google is so awesome sometimes :D

  9. Sad guess by Google! I'm "sortof" laughing at it :)

  10. Pixie: I too LOLed :D

    Catty: That is creepy. Really.

    Arunima: Haha, no way!

    Amey: I should have continued living under that rick. Sigh.

    Jil Jil Ramamani: Welcome welcome, google is indeed awesome on occasion!

    Bhavesh Chhatbar: Why just 'sort of'?

  11. Oh no, you can come out from there. ;)

  12. what rick? u were living under a rickshaw??

  13. Amey: Maybe I should end the suspense once and for all and tell you all that I was lying all along. That I'm not female at all :P

    Catty: Rick nahi be rock :D Tum kya aaj al typos pe focus maar rahi ho itna? :D

  14. Anonymous3:23 PM

    LOL DDD!

    @Rayshma - I too thought rick means rickshaw and 'living under a rick' is some urban saying implying something that I dint get :P

  15. see? main akeli nahi hoon!
    and yes, i have been focusing on typos.. you know why! ;)

    CR: how you does?! hope all's well with you... :)

  16. @DDD: Nahinnnn.....

    @Rayshma: I too wondered about the rick part, and then just decided to let it go as some new thing.

  17. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Haha... Google's never been that insightful!