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Friday, March 19, 2010

One for the men in the club

Right, all you guys out there, help me out.

How exactly do you define 'high maintenance'? As in 'She's a high maintenance girl'.

Yes, there is indeed a point to all of this. Research purposes, pliss to be answering. You'll be helping yourself by answering, the way karma works, this information will somehow filter down to the girl you land who will, out of the deep-seated louve she has for you, want to lessen your  ... erm difficulties. If you don't want to be involved, well  karma might catch you by your foot and dangle you over the worst precipice in the history of romantic entanglements of humankind. You don't want to go screwing around with karma, so chop chop. And do please be as elaborate as possible.

Spam commenters of the feel good variety, may a hundred labrador puppies descend on you, lick you enough to make you experience scuba diving and then sit on you for good measure.


  1. i have so much gyaan to give. but nobody wants. hmph!

  2. hmm someone is really angry ! take care & hugs

    ..tried to figure out what it really is but no luck :( may be my GK is poor !

  3. Oh geez!!! No no, not angry, merely curious.

    And slightly peeved by all the spam around :)

  4. are there any men - other than amey - who read this blog?! :D

  5. down..


    im not good in defining things so sorry if im not pretty much help >.<

    visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  6. Catty: I bes falling to your feet, now pliss give gyaan? :D I thought there were other men reading the blog, but could be my imagination :P Amey also seems to have gone AWOL. Ab kya hoga?

    Ayu: Heavens, I'm not upset or anything!

  7. gyaan-giving... my fave activity!

    from the perspective of 'some' of the boys i know -
    high maintenance is someone who takes up a lot of resources in order to be with. could be materialistic - she expects expensive gifts or get-aways to exotic resorts or attending parties/clubbing at high profile places. or could be emotional. needs a lot of attention, a lot of the time.

    could also be when she spends a lot of her own (or her dad's) resources and routinely goes the spa way, has expensive taste, indulges herself a lot etc. i think guys think that they would have to be able to afford her lifestyle. this, i know... coz i was considered high maintenance once upon a time. you know, i am not! :D

    one, rather daft guy i knew, also said that if she's very intelligent, she's high maintenance, bcoz you have to up ur intelligence only to be noticed by her. lot of work for him, i guess.

    as u may have noticed, these defns are from a while ago.. haven't discussed this with any guy recently.
    hope it helps. also hope you find guys to participate in this! coz, end of the day, this is still coming from me! :D

  8. OMG! my comment is SO much longer than your post. sheesh. i am going into hiding now. :(

  9. Personally, and from what I know of other guys, #1 and #2 of what Rayshma said. Although for #2, it's not just spending dad's money, it's how you spend it, and if you flaunt it.

    Intelligence? Isn't really a point of contention, unless of course the guy is insecure and/or the girl brings it up.

  10. there are guys here reading this, yes :)
    don't know 'bout high maintenance girlfriends but will high maintenance boyfriends do :P

  11. The first Male comment...
    @dewdropakka....from my humble and frugal knowledge of the opposite sex and observations of them in the big and small cities....high maintenance girl or HMG is one who asks you to pick her up from the bus stand as its very hot and she cannot one who prefers Cafe coffee day to a normal one who expects you to recharge he mobile....and is one who will not step into any movie which is not running in a multiplex.....
    and most men think that most girls are HMG's onlyy...!!! :D :P

  12. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Someone sounds peeved. :P

    Hahahaha.. the spam waala para is so funny!! It's like an aashirvad of the 'sau-putravati-bhava' category :D :D


  13. It is a very relative expression, HM. A man with expensive taste may find a woman with simple expecations difficult to maintain. I am not sure if that would be called HM, but it is still difficult to keep up with.HM can be anything that people find dificult to handle in a relationship, intelligence, simplicity, lifestyle. But all these are relative, whats intelligent for one can be dumb for another.

    What i am coming to ,therefore, is something slightly different. Its a theory, which has the same objective as the conclusions of the questions you raise, probably. Instead of HM i would call it Difficulty Rating, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.If you find a person tough to handle or adjust with, you can rate them over 5. The test of this lies in couples who get along very well with each other, lets say a woman who many men whould rate 8. Her best friend or lover will never rate her over 4. He finds her easy to take care of.Eventually, people who come together or get along (well), dont find each other HM or will not rate each other over 5.

    Its you capacity to handle something, if you cant, it can be HM.

    But in the more practical sense, it can be simply linked to financial affordability, nothing more.

  14. Thank you! I'll post again on this, a reply wouldn't quite fit the bill here.

    FG: My apologies, I should have taken that into account. How about you tell us what defines a high maintenance bf? :)

  15. High maintainance BFs have taken the entire woman's lib and equality very seriously, very. They want to keep up and expect to be kept up :). Listening, cooking, health, conversations, work, sports, shopping, finances,punctuality, name it. They are like a message on your face that says - Can you really handle can you?!.

  16. anish: generally speaking, i don't think there is anything like a HM boyfriend. it wouldn't take any woman long to live up to what is perceived as an HM boyfriend... and up the ante. then, it'd get too much to handle for the guy, again. also, i think once the woman ups the ante, the boys find it difficult to maintain even the original levels of maintenance.
    anyway, that's speaking generally. i quite agree with ur comment that "maintenance" is a subjective issue.

  17. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I definitely think there is something called a HM boyfriend. It is the one where you will have to continuously stroke his ego. You cannot leave him to fend for himself in any party because he might pick a fight with someone because they "insulted" him. He also wants everything cooked EXACTLY the way his mom used to do.....generally someone who is exhausting to be with, where you need to be on high alert all the time.

    I think that would apply to girlfriends too...High Alert status.

  18. High maintenance is usually used in relation with the missus. "Maintenance" being the key word in that you can only maintain things you OWN, so the hot chick at the bar in a club is NOT high maintenance. Secondly, it applies only to women. Men are never high maintenance, they just want to hump, they dont want their girl to buy them a PS3 and a nice leather jacket (although even if she did, they will NOT raise/drop their level of affection).

    FACT! not opinion.. ;-)

    The girls you described are called, sorry for the word, "bitches" in the lad world.

    another FACT! :D