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Monday, March 01, 2010

Heard, Read, Said

'"Yes we will all be starving, but I guess it will be worth it." I don't think even Mahatma Gandhi said that during his struggle for independence.' So quipped Y when dinner plans were delayed a fair bit and Meg said starving a bit would be worth it.

"There ought to be a law against letting your friend marry someone unsuitable"

How to terrorise your boss 101: When the boss is still new and accidentally drops something on your desk, say "You don't have to throw things at me to get my attention you know?". Hear boss giggle. Score!

Furnishing the bathroom 101: Wake up one weekend to see a shower rack that wasn't there the night before. And have the housemate say "Oh yeah! I was really really drunk last night and I found this while we were out, someone had thrown it away and I picked it up although my friends were all 'WHAT are you doing!' and then I called a cab and the cab driver refused to let me take it with me so I stood there telling him 'But it's clean! It's been in the rain!' until he let me bring it with me."

"Can't give chocolate to dogs. It's poisonous for them apparently"
"See this is why men don't like chocolate much"

"Now tell me what tyro is"
"Tyra? When she becomes fat?"

"Main teri mohabbat mein... pagal ho jaoongi... mujhe aisa lagta hai... tujhe kaisa lagta haiiiiii"
"Mujhe bhook lagta hai"


  1. tumko saala permanently bhook lagta hai!
    no wonder you think ki starving is not worth anything!

    i should do a post on how to terrorize boss... but well, mine reads my blog.

    and laws are for those who aren't creative enough... bahut se tareeke hai jaani... shaadiyan rokne ke... ;)

  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I agree with point 2! :D

  3. lol @ "Tyro" :D

  4. Read, confused...

  5. i forgot my blog URL... stopped by so i could redirect myself.
    i don't know WHAT i'm going to do. GAH!

    p.s.: amey kaahe confused hai?
    p.s.1: you aren't going to reply to comments now?!

  6. Catty: :D Some people look rich, others look classy, some others look intelligen but I look HUNGRY :P

    And I know your boss reads your blog, that's why guest posts were invented ;)

    Laws ki jo baat kar raha tha tum please usse apne creative tips dena :D

    celestialrays: Hai na point? :D

    Dee: Another of Rayshma's wisecracks :D

    Amey: Ek saath padha tumne? Koi connection nahi hai. They're just random bits from here and there!

    Catty: Haan toh main google, dictionary, reader hi nahi ab toh tumhari blog traffic director bhi hoon na :P Lo reply kiya ab!

  7. erm.. since u've mentioned it was ME saying that... let me pls clarify... i DO/DID know what tyro means. just thought this sounded funny.

    i gave you na creative inputs? tum fwd karo...
    actually, i've been wanting to try that for SO long... no wonder ppl don't invite me to their shaadis!

  8. lol@Tyro and why men dont like chocolates!! :P Jus dropped by ur blog randomly. Like ur template.

  9. Catty: Isi liye to I said 'wisecrack', tum yeh word jaanti hogi itna toh expected hai! :D

    Ayu: Yeah, a must-know ;)

    Ria: Haha, thanks and welcome!

  10. wisecrack - a clever and pithy spoken witticism.
    HAHAHAHAHA...!!! :D

  11. Anonymous3:24 PM

    @DDD and Rayshma - pliss to share the wedding crashing gyaan? :)