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Friday, March 26, 2010

You and Me

Eyes meet across the expanse of a station. And feet start walking. They come within stamping distance and in a smoothly co-ordinated yet spontaneous moment, two hands switch of two music players and yank out earphones. And all this while, the only exchange is a nod of two heads.

Elsewhere a hug is being bestowed. A loving surprise hug sneaked upon the recipient. And then two pairs of eyes meet a-twinkle.

Two ears share a pair of earphones and two heads nod together in time to the music, smiles playing identically on two pairs of lips.

Two hands reach out and clas as their owners are engrossed in gazing away. At a monument, a painting, a sunset, an urban scenery, it matters not. A squeeze, that matters.

A nudge draws the attention of a pair of eyes to something interesting in the paper. And a laugh is shared.

A voice requests a song ang another begins it, halting but sweet in a clear carrying voice, made beautiful by the emotion in it.

An ordinary morning on the tube made special by the multitude of kisses that pass from one pair of lips to another, each a cherished offering bestowed with much fondness.

A shoulder upon which rests a head. A palm on which fingers play. Hair that is ruffled and cheeks that are pulled. Games of peekaboo and catch me if you can. Shared drinks and food and cigarettes and lip balm.

Moments in which you give yourself over to me completely, casting aside doubts, insecurities, hurt, anger, resentment, disappointment and gratefulness, pride, contentment, happiness, mischief and the ordinary. Moments where I rule, consume, intoxicate and overpower you.

You are every man, woman and teenager.

And I am .... Love


  1. wowww... tht made me goo awwww

  2. aww..this is so nice to read~ SO SWEET AND CUTE!!! :D

    btw..the first award you can have it..i am sharing it to all my dear followers :)

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Dude this is so well written!

  4. it went directly to the DIL :)

  5. Awesome babe! loved it !

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    On second thoughts, do you occasionally get chubby and naked and roam around with a bow and arrow? :P :P

  7. nice. me likey! :D

  8. :) lowe lowe lowe it!!!!

  9. and this is nice!

  10. I wish you'd blog more often. But after these abrupt disappearances, you come up with such a gem of a piece (like this one) that you more than make up for having gone AWOL! :D
    A long-time lurker here, although this is my first comment :)

    The Gypsy

  11. new post required.

  12. Lovely. Very well written. I can almost see snatches of a music video, or even a heartfelt ads being crafted from these words (and that's not an insult to the post, which is complete and wonderful in itself.)