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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fridge-magnet Philosphy*

 * Alternative title: When fridge magnets run amok**

** Alternative to alternative title: My imagination ran away and took the fridge magnets along for a ride***

***Also known as: Aren't I clever and creative?****

****Alternatively, Don't you have a Life to get on with with, miss?


  1. that itsy bitsy triangle on each of those... that resembles the new hungama logo...
    geez, i need to get a life.

  2. was really resourceful haha...
    nice post..:P

    visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  3. Eh?

    (sorry, feeling a bit dumb these days!)

  4. lol!

    Is Foam Revolution really Clean?! ;)

  5. lol..

    I used to put stuff like that on my google talk status.. Now I am old and cynical :)

  6. thank you for making me learn more too.

  7. Dido: :)

    Catty: Now that you mention it ... it does! :D (Yes I have indeed seen the new logo)

    Ayu: Heh, well

    Alice: Nothing baba, ignore maaro ... just more random rubbish :)

    Pixie: Is clean foam really revolutionary? :D

    Dee: Oh stop saying you're old ... you're not! :) And I like to think cynicism keeps one sharp.

    Oriental char: Okay, you're very welcome.

    Catty: Go blog, bitch!

  8. how is it that oriental char gets a "u're welcome" and i get a "bitch", eh?!
    discrimination, i tell u!!! protest protest protest! :P