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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Do you think they have an aura about them that screams/announces/declares/says 'blogger' ???

I saw these two girls on the tube today... they looked like they might be sisters, rather attractive girls they were... looked as if they might be Indian, with acquired accents and acquired Londonstani style... one had pixie-type hair and the other had a classic short bob and they looked absolutely gorgeous. And at least one looked like she might blog.

Maybe I'll meet them again someday as bloggers and remember this.


  1. Are we smoking those funny cigarettes again, huh?

    *nudge, nudge*

  2. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Hehehe... I think there might be something that tells. Coz people i meet for first time also asks whether i blog. And it's weird...
    May be we have blogdar :P who knows

  3. RWS: Oh absolutely! An entire pack of those cigarette shaped mint-candies I loved as a kid. Finally had an entire pack like my kiddie self wanted and discovered what the parents always said was very true "Too many sweets shall make you sick". I feel funny. :P

    Bloggingknight: That's an idea for sure!

  4. Are you trying to say that all girls who blog are attractive and gorgeous ? What did you see in her that made you say that she blogs ?

  5. Actually I keep getting stumped in this area most of the time.A quiet chinese guy in our lab who looked very serious and all totally surprised me when he told me he maintains two blogs which he updates everyday.

  6. umm... auras that say "i blog"???
    what is this? taking observation to the next level...?

  7. To answer your earlier question, you look like someone with serious face, who might just have a blog ;)

    And aren't those mint cigarettes the ones with phantom on the cover?

  8. Sarfraz: "Do you think they have an aura about them that screams/announces/declares/says 'blogger' ???" The aura. The description was merely a part of the story, not its centre. Capische?

    Never mind: hehe! Yeah i don't suppose one can always tell :)

    Rayshma: :D Might be! But interesting no?

    Amey: Yes yes!! Those very ones with the phantom cover!!

  9. And now I want them... It will be a scandal to have one in office :D

    "Blogdar" is a nice idea. Is it same as thinking that a person is interesting, or has something to say which interests you? I would actually love to read what some people I know write in their blogs (and vice-versa).

  10. That's an interesting observation..let us know when you get to meet her someday and confirm it :)

    Actually, I do it with a slight variation. Some people ( especially women) make me think that they SHOULD have a blog.If they have one already, great! If not, they should! It's just the way they talk and how they hold opinions about matters , I guess.

  11. you do realise the tube is a strange little place, don't you.
    a world of its own.

  12. Amey: haha! Well I hope you found your candy cigarettes :D "Is it same as thinking that a person is interesting, or has something to say which interests you?"

    I honestly do not know but I'm really amused at how your comments are always so profound. You sure you shouldn't be blogging them instead? :)

    Alwayshappykya: Well perhaps you ought to encourage them to blog... egg them on. That's how I started out :)

    Metrosexual monk: :) Indeed! But can't hold a candle to Bombay's local trains :)

  13. lol..i can never tell if someone blogs. in fact when it comes up in conversation most people i know don't even KNOW what a blog is...sigh...

    Although if there are bloggers out there I wonder if they can tell that *I* blog :P

  14. Haha! Silvara you put up pictures of yourself all the time, only someone really blind or really stupid would not know that you blog :) How're feeling now m'dear?

  15. Now you have got me looking for a "chane ka ped" nearby ;)

    As for blogging, where do you think material for updating 2.5 blogs come from? Well, make that 1.5, one is a book blog :D

  16. chane ka jhaad hota hai, ped nahin :P Ped pe chadhna asaan hai... jhaad pe chadh ke batao toh maane :P

  17. Aapki aisihi krupa rahi to woh bhi aasani se kar lenge ;)