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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Has it ever ocurred to you...

... that possibly, every original idea* that could ever be had, has/might've already been had?

*In terms of thought, not inventions, patents and such


  1. ...and then I realise that even that thought is already expressed by somebody else before ;)

  2. want loop-in-loops? You realise this thought itself has been thought of?

    Here, and here, amongst others.

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    ....and I hate the feeling when I realise that it was already taken by someone else!!

  4. yeah... whatever happened to exclusivity! hmph! :(

  5. La vida loca11:42 PM

    yup totally
    everything is recycled

  6. Oh, just saw this on my iGoogle:

    Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
    - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

    Seems we have something to look forward to after all :D

  7. Amey: Oh absolutely! But like you said, maybe there still is something to look forward to :)

    Flygye12: Well, thanks for clarifying that! :D

    ??!: Dang! Well...

    It's the thought that counts... It was just a thought... who'da thunk? And other such related comments :D hehe

    Snippetsnscribbles: But you could always sit and marvel at how there is another person who thinks the same!!!

    Rayshma: lol! I believe exclusivity is now used exclusively for relationship-related things hehe :D

    La vida loca: Recycled? That would mean something new came of it... guess there's some hope then eh?

  8. Okay, I have this theory. And it's a very stupid theory. But I shall say it nonetheless :P .

    Anyway, I have found that I whenever I do think of something new and unique, after a few days I see or hear somebody else talk about it or having put words into action.

    Now, my theory is that when we think of something, we send it out in the universe, like signals and then someone else receives them and is able to do something about it.

    Okay, I think those medicines are having their effect on me now. :P :P ....

  9. Thoughts sure can be the same in each of us,but how we express it is unique in every way.

  10. Hmmm... yes...
    Everytime theres a new idea it must be acted upon immedietely or you will generally have the misfortune of seeing someone else have the same idea a bit later!!
    The thought is sent into the 'super conscious' where anyone can access it!!

  11. Oops... Just read the other comments and realised 'Rambunctious whippersnapper' had posted a similar idea!! Damn!
    I guess I took it from his 'superconscious' then!! :D


    P.S. since you've disabled comments on your latest post, I'll add here...

    < bows >