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Friday, August 08, 2008

It's All in Your Mind

I was recently labelled as 'mysterious' by Rambunctious Whippernsapper and had Snippetsnscribbles describe my blog saying it has 'witty and interesting office humour'. Thanks a million you both!

It makes me wonder though... Who am I actually when I blog? Being a Londoner and the word 'dewdrop' is a rather obvious part of that identity. But what about the rest? What comes to your mind when you think of DewdropDream the blogger?

What do I look like? What colour is my hair? How long is it? How tall am I? What do I dress up like? What is my voice like? What would I most often be found saying? Am I the serious sort who loves talking sense or am I constantly saying stupid things and making a fool of myself? What is an average day like, for me? What are my friends like? What am I likely to talk to them about? Am I technologically-competent or a dimwit? Am I gadget conscious? Do I possess an accent? When am out at a party, am I the life and soul of it or am I the wallflower? Or perhaps somewhere in between? What does my room look like? What kind of furniture does it contain? Do I prefer walking or do I like to take the bus or train? Am I very organised or do I go with the flow? What am I like when I meet strangers? What is my laugh like? How often do I laugh? How often do I frown? What am I like when I go shopping? What am I most likely to buy? Am I a spendthrift or am I tightfisted? What do I do in my spare time? Am I fun and intriguing or predictable and boring?

Go on then, tell me. What am I like in your imagnation?


  1. umm... i am not gonna think that much abt u! :D
    what i know is that i like ur writing style... and i love what u write. which is why it doesn't matter what u look like or who u really are. i like dewdrops... they have this feel-goodness about them. and i get that feeling from this space.
    someday, if we happen to meet... i shall do a post on ur questions here! :D

  2. La vida loca5:46 PM

    Very thin, straight, longer than shoulder lenghth hair, slight accent and about 5'4
    " tall

  3., that's a monster load of questions !

    For me, the image of you is of a young girl with a pretty face and a cute smile . In my image you have jet black hair..not too long..not too short.You seem to be definitely from the slim-n-trim league. Not obese or overweight.

    You dress up good and have a fresh look almost always. Wild guess, this one :-)

    From the posts I have read, you give a picture of a jovial personality who likes and behaves happy-go-lucky most of the times.You are one who wants to show the brighter/cheerful side of you to the world - hardly a sad face or a tear. Isn't it?

    You do like yap yapping about anything and everything with friends..sensible or silly, depending on the mood? Of course you have an accent - may not be heavy though. But you do have it.

    Technologically-competent or a dimwit : You won't hit me if I say you are just average on that one, will ya ;-)

    Spare time is all for reading, reading and more of reading. I am thinking this must be true. How can one have such great vocabulary if one doesn't read enough?

    Predictable and boring? No ways! You are fun to hang around with, that I can say for sure.

    Phew, now tell me what is my guess score?

  4. Hmmm... this looks like a good place to have fun.. Ask what bloggers think and have a ball reading how they have gone wrong!! Nevertheless I shall put my foot into this...
    Here are a few of my uneducated guesses...
    - Lean, shoulder length hair, black/dark brown hair (Is there any other word to describe that brown?)
    - How tall...hmmm... Thats a tough nut... 5'2 give or take 1" :P
    - You'd love to give ppl the impression that you're serious most of the times... but, there are very few ppl you'd actually share your thoughts with.
    - You wear glasses (Just a wild wild guess!! :D )
    - A person who gives weight to organising but sometimes has difficulty keeping up.
    - Your room is most likely filled up with soft toys.. teddys of all colors and sizes!! :D
    - Green thumb?
    - An evening coffee is more your type than partying hard! :D
    - You might hav picked up a londoner accent :P atleast slightly!!
    - forget your keys aften!! :D

    Ok..I've put my foot where my mouth is already.... If I say anything more its being worse than astrologers on TV!

    Have fun.... :)

  5. Okay i have read like two of your posts and remember only the movie one. i must have read ur profile when i read the first post so pls excuse if i hit the door instead of the bulls eye (n also the length of this comment)

    What comes to your mind when you think of DewdropDream the blogger?
    a funny lil gal

    What do I look like?
    like Kajol in KKHH in the first half only fairer and more feminish

    What colour is my hair?

    How long is it?
    short,with a cloth hair band

    How tall am I?

    What do I dress up like?
    Bottle green sweat shirt(i don't know why), Black skin tight jeans, sporty shoes

    What is my voice like?

    What would I most often be found saying?

    Am I the serious sort who loves talking sense or am I constantly saying stupid things and making a fool of myself?
    the second type

    What is an average day like, for me?
    (after the last question, i started answering from bottom so am too tired mentally to think about this, pls excuse :)

    What are my friends like?
    Tall, smart, gregarious, ur best frens are mostly girls :)

    What am I likely to talk to them about?

    Am I technologically-competent or a dimwit?
    You can use things if u wish to, but you would rather have others do such stuff for you.

    Am I gadget conscious?
    Not at all. you urgently need to update ur mobile phone.

    Do I possess an accent?
    No. I mean it doesn't stand out. You change as per the person u are talking to

    When am out at a party, am I the life and soul of it or am I the wallflower?
    You are fun !

    Or perhaps somewhere in between?
    only when ur feeling low

    What does my room look like?
    Large window overlooking the street, its on the top floor (or high anyways i don't know if it is an apartment building), you have a tree outside the window, the room looks very cosy, maybe its because of the bed. the room looks very much lived in

    What kind of furniture does it contain?
    A very comfortable bed, 4 big pillows, 3 small cushions, a single chair, a lamp (on a study table), a rug near the bed, a chest of drawers for clothes, a cupboard with books

    Do I prefer walking or do I like to take the bus or train?
    You can never decide. You do all at randomly equal frequency

    Am I very organised or do I go with the flow?
    You are seriously disorganized

    What am I like when I meet strangers?
    U make them feel at ease instantly. You are a people's person :)

    What is my laugh like?
    You have a funny snort when u laugh real hard (a la Sandra Bullock in i dont remember which movie)

    How often do I laugh? How often do I frown?
    Quite often actually. But not for long.

    What am I like when I go shopping?
    Whirl into the store and walk out within 20 minutes both hands full to capacity - u can't carry anymore

    What am I most likely to buy?

    Am I a spendthrift or am I tightfisted?
    You never thought about it, but money doesn't seem to be a problem

    What do I do in my spare time?
    Do you have any? but u do like to sleep a lot and recharge to take on life head on again.

    Am I fun and intriguing or predictable and boring?
    Fun unpredictable, i never thought of it before, but i don't get bored when i am with you ;)

    Now tell me, did amit chatterjee have anything to do with this ;)

  6. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Doesn't matter... the worms will still love you :P

    And also, the occasional whoever that stumbles upon your blog and finds their day somehow brightened up by the girl who comes up with weird and wonderful stuff to write while trapped for the day in an office cupboard :)

    PS - Don't really know the answers to all these questions, but I've got a sneaky suspicion you might like this game.

    (Disclaimer: Download at your own risk. If you manage to destroy your computer, your boyfriend or the universe by clicking above, don't set bounty hunters on me :P)

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Whoops! Bad link :(

    This one should work though...

    Cinnamon Interactive

  8. When I first dropped in at your blog I read almost a dozen of your posts before I went through your profile. I found them that interesting. Initially somehow the image of Anastasia of the movie got stuck to me (and it was very polite of you to let me call you Anya:)) But the image kept evolving. I particularly found the name DewdropDream beautiful and it showed your dedication at doing things. How come you ask?? Because, if not by coincidence, there is only ONE DewdropDream on the internet; you.
    Anyways, here is what I think about you. And its ok if you don't read this frustratingly long post any further, I wont mind:)

    You are thin and about 5'4” tall.

    You have short, black hair and you look somewhat like this.

    You dress up with full sleeves button shirt and jeans. But considering the cold in UK, a jacket would usually be seen on you. In dressing you don't experiment much.

    In terms of voice I suppose it is not too sharp and has some South Indian heaviness in it. I hope by South Indian heaviness you understand what I mean because South Indian girls I know, surely do.

    Often you would be asking about various things. You are the serious sort who loves talking sense but BELIEVES that you are constantly saying stupid things and making a fool of yourself. People identify you as a good listener rather than speaker.

    Your average day is filled with routine stuff. You are known for being punctual and working overtime. Your friends are intelligent, cool, each absolutely different in their own sense (which is why you really adore them).

    You are technologically-competent but keep constantly being challenged by small things which surprises you.

    You possess an accent but it is quiet flexible.

    At parties you are quite a wallflower. A lot of times in life you have been mistaken for being arrogant and awkward because of this. The people close to you know otherwise.

    Your room in London I suppose is very simple and tidy like most of your stuff in your life.

    You prefer walking but being able to read in buses and trains makes the other commuting options hard to dislike.

    Quite organised.

    You are basically an introvert but comes across as an intelligent and creative person to strangers.

    You don't laugh out loud and close your eyes when you do and have equal times of frowning.

    When shopping you buy rationally rather than emotionally. Wait a minute!! Don't tell me there is no such thing as rational shopping for a girl!!!

    There is no such term such as ‘spare time’ in your dictionary.

    And you are SERIOUSLY ANNOYED BY ME mainly because I don't blog and keep reading yours;)

    So, do I know you Anya or I just sound like some weight token descriptions at Mumbai railway stations?:)

  9. what comes to my mind when I think of ddd?

    Hmm.. well, beautiful brunette girl, long hair, very smooth. Her voice is very strong when she is angry and soft when she is happy. And sultry when she wants it to be, though she is very awkward at it. Loves to talk, is herself most of the time. Does not subscribe to conventional wisdom. Gets drunk easily, but still remains in her senses. Can talk about the most nonsensical of subjects and the most serious. usually has a good insight on things. Likes to have the last word. Is easy to get along with. Can operate her cellphone with her eyes closed but gets stuck using windows vista. She tries to keep her room in order but it's mostly messed up. Tries to clean it every 3rd Sunday. But she ends up doing something else. Has a very infectious laugh. Loves to shop. Is tightfisted for herself and spendthrift for others. Spends her spare time writing/reading/out with friends. Gets misty eyed at the sight of a cute puppy or an orphan human kid.

    Okay . . . now don't ask why. :P ...

  10. akka...
    reading ur name as dew-drop and dream.....just reading those words per wiiiiiiiiings to ones of this name as a person is swalpa kashta.....!!!!

  11. whoa! didn't think so much :D

    May be i'll have to think a bit before answering that one...

  12. I think ur as sweet looking as a Dewdrop and as beautiful as a dream? :)


  13. Am i allowed to answer this one since i KNOW how you look and i KNOW how you sound??? :D:D


  14. haha!!! Awww... you all are sooooo sweet to be indulging a batty thing like me!!! Thanks a bunch, it sure was a load of fun going through your comments on this one. And please please please excuse my insolence at not replying individually to everyone this time! Don't abandon me please!! :D

    @ Flygye12: Ummm no... not related to Amit Chatterji :) The timing was mere coincidence!

    @ Anon: Why, thank you very much for the games link! Now wh couldn't you have posted that on my birthday??!! And it wouldn't hurt to leave a name!!!

  15. A photo would solve all these questions, won't it? ;)

  16. I wanted to know what y'all think I am like... not what I actually am like :P

  17. Thanks a ton for your concern Dew! I was away traveling. Will post details soon.

  18. Dark smooth hair till the shoulder, height maybe 5'3" (?), slim build, trendy outlook :) totally cool and outgoing :)


  19. hahaha this is the coolest questions Ive come across!
    Well...I have an image of this young girl who travels in train,forgets her keys,loves her boss,sayin hello to worms,who liked to arvo.Pretty nice profile.

  20. Is trick question. Trick questions must answered by random answers. Is rule.

    Jellybeans are as crystal-flowered as gadgets in psychosomatic deer can be populational.

  21. You are slim, fair, with long hair and a slight south Indian accent (which may or may not have been replaced by a London one). You have a thing for goofy North Indian boys whose job responsibilities include feeding their enemies to pigs.

    You are someone who is not writing as much as she wants to, but really should. Being thrown out of your warm house may help in increasing your literary efficiency.

    Oh and your friends, especially the one who's writing this message, are legen...wait for it...DARY!

    I'm psychic :P

  22. i shall find out VERY soon. the answers to these. and more! :D

  23. i so want to write something.. but will let it pass..

  24. i want to comment on this NOW.
    tee hee.
    AFTER ppl write such long comments, u don't reply individually... rude mad child! inko replies do! :D nahi toh main deti hoon! :D