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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Have A Gift

For giving gifts. :D I'm known to be a thoughtful gift-giver and have been told so on several occasions. And really, I cannot even imagine giving a less than perfect gift at any point (And no, please do not take this as a cue to ask me for ideas... because I'm only talking about people I know when I talk about being a thoughtful-giver. Yes, I'm selfish like that, sometimes :P).

On a slightly tangential... errr... note... I shall never forget how my aunt called her youngest 'the gift that keeps giving every year' because they share their birthdays.

I'd probably have had that fortune myself if not for my characterstic streak of not following the norm and fighting to be born 4 days before the new year and my mother's birthday. But hey, I love... *heart* Dec 27th for a birthday so no issues. Anyway.

Gifts. I'm not doing a how-to here. I'll just allow you guys to take a peek into what went into the planning and buying of a gift most recently.

As birthdays go... this was a big deal. It was a bigger deal than most even then. And so it had to be prfectly perfect. Thankfully, it took me little time to rack my brains and come up with ideas. And here's what the back of my little work note-book reads like, in reference to said birthday gift:

Scarf-Gloves set from Chelsea FC: Too cheap.

Ship-building/aeroplane building kit from Model Zone: Won't be of much interest. No 'wow' factor.

Cricket kit: Too expensive. Have no clue about it. Research needed.

Concert tickets/ football match tickets: No idea where to buy. Also may not actually have time to attend show.

*Band name* Memorabilia: Pshaw. Not so 'wow'. Also don't know what and where to buy.

Original Fifa/NFS: Will spoil eyes. Will also get stuck to comp all day. Don't want that.

Book: Hmmm...

Signature plectrum: Hmmmm...

Ayyyyynnnd the winners are!

1] A CD of much-wanted songs

2]A much-wanted book

3] The plectrum!! It's silver with the inlay of a dragon on a white background and it's... a guitarist's luxury.

Receiver was much happy with the gifts. Amen.

'Neo', Happy Birthday you crazy geezer!


  1. thank you so much for the gifts.. and i now knwo what to gift you!!! a set of chelsea scarf and gloves and a cricket skit.. oh and you know which plectrum shall i use for my soon to come concert?? :D :D

    i love you!!!!!!

    :D :D

  2. and now i know what NOT to gift u coz u're already getting it! :D
    p.s.: i LOVE the plectrum too! :D

  3. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Hehe i would have loved the Scarf-Gloves of Chelsea FC. :D

    But book and CD plus plectrum... great. Who wouldn't have become happy getting gifts :P

  4. Hi!

    I loooove to give gifts too. Its mostly my closest friends that I go all out for or my cousin. Isnt it really nice to see that great big smile on someone's face when they receive a gift you bought them??? TOTALLY worth all the pain and the money that goes into buying the present!

    I personally would never mind a good book as a gift...I guess its not "cool" enough to get books anymore :p!

    Keep writing!

  5. Winger: Meri billi mujhi pe miaow?! Go rack your brains and find me something more suitable. Preferably the Viktor and Rolf dress I fell for :D :P

    Rayshma: LOL!! It IS quite nice that thing :)

    Bloggingknight: Hello there! Chelsea fan eh? They've got more than just scarves and gloves for sale :D

    Neha: Hi! I adore the look on their faces when they see the gifts :D And who said books aren't cool gifts? I'm vying for them all the time but no one gets the hint usualy. BAH!

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Yup Chelsea Rocks.... hehehehe

    I would love to have more than scarfs and gloves... but my friends don't get it. :(
    May b you can gift me, hehe :P

  7. i love receiving gifts but I get confused when it comes to gifting. Often settle for vouchers. I am noticing that many like it even though people say that it looks like you don't really care for the taste of the person.

  8. Bloggingknight: :P Not happening.

    Arunima: Vouchers are a good idea but I personally find them a bit impersonal. What do you like receiving though? :)

    La vida loca: Thank you on behalf of the fella :) How're you doing?

  9. Capricorns rule sistah!!

    I love gifting too.I plan months in advance and get super excited as the D day approaches. Its so much fun to see that expression on people's face when they open gifts.

  10. You're a capricorn too??!! Woohoo!!! What date were you born on?? Yay Capricorn!

  11. yes, mine is Jan 17th.

  12. the risk of sounding like a total imbecile....what's a plectrum??? :D

  13. Never mind: :D I shall have to remember that!! Update your blog lady!!

    Silvara: no no!! Pefectly reasaonable question. A plectrum is that tiny triangular thing they use to strum a guitar. Also known as a pick or a plectron. :)