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Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Once upon a time, back in the 50's...'

This is a story. And it begins with a mug. Wel, it goes back a long time before that, but the mug is a good place to start.

In the story are two girls. There's me. And then there's M. Talking about M would keep me busy for a long time and would delay the story so I'll restrict myself to saying that she has an awesome blog template (yes M, I know, WHAT a starting point I had to pick!)... she's great company, mostly because she keeps odd hours and is usually up for a chat involving the most insane topics (unless she has exams, in which case forget conversations... she'll throw her three-inchers at you... I think), she's crazy to the nth degree about earrings and (oh my god she'll kill me for this one) never answers her phone. Now go over and say a quick hello to her and, if I'm still alive when you come back, the rest of the post shall have been written for you to read.

M and I have this thing going where we stage mock cat-fights over a certain model. Shan't mention names (mostly because I think we're having trouble enough between the two of us quarelling over him... we don't want any more competition, thank you very much :P). I should also explain that M was a classic sitting-duck for pranks and jokes at her expenses. Sadly she no longer affords such entertainment. You'll see why. The story now. It's as follows:

M: :)i am having tea in awesome new mug! looove it!

me: :D
I LOVE your new mug

M: i LOVE it too!!!

me: MUST we share all this love for things??? First Arker and now that mug bah

M: lol
both were FIRST MINE!
*runs for cover while DDD finds things to throw at me* :P

me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Is din ke aane se phele main mar kyon nahi bhagwaan!!! mujhe utha lo!!!!!!!


me: nahhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! :P

M: nautankiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ek number ki nautankii hai tuuu! :P

me: teri saheli huu chuppp

M: hahaha chal chal :P

me: tujhi se toh seekha hai maine I used to be one very shaant baccha before I met you and the rest of my current friends
B for example
drama queen that one is too

M: haan toh we made u more INTERESTING!:P
iske pehle bohot boring thi tu! pakau-chand!:P

me: okay I definitely agree to that

M: woh i wanted to say 'pakau-chand' so i said tt! :P hahahaha

me: :P hahaha tujhe bas bahana chahiye na
tu ruk
meri mug aur mera Arker
dono ko leke rahoongi

M: hahahahaha haan dekhti hoon main hum bhi kisi se kam nahi!

Then it turns out that said model is actually on one of the networking sites and we argue some more about saying hello to him and inviting him to our weddings and how we both are chicken-shit coz we're not doing it.

me: yeah but you know what??? This proves something He's MY find... so he's MINE first... and always!! You keep the mug and I.S :P

M: lollll! we'll see about tht. mug and I.S AND Arker ALL MINEEE :P :P LOL

me: hahahahahaha you're mental you know that/??

M: hahaha whaat nooooo this is wht perth winter mornings does to u :P
either that.. OR... not sleeping the entire night :P

me: next I know you'll start singing 'mera pyaar ek pyala hai' which is like so true dude :P

M: omg. which song is tht???

me: tera pyaar ek pyala hi hai
youtube it

M: hahaha auntyyyy... kaunse zamaane ka gana ga rahi hai?? :P04:23

me: tu dekh toh

M: okok will check it out!

me: NOW

M: haan re mila
and saw it

me: accha laga???

M: pakau gana hai :P hahaha

me: :P :P :P
M... you were more fun when you were a sitting duck dammit

M: hahahaha

me: Here I'd made full plans to blog about how you actually youtubed for some song that I made up :P And mind you, it was going very well
you actually asked 'Kaunse zamaane ka gaana gaa rahi hai aunty?' :P

M: u lost ur mojo dude. u have lost it. cant mock me anymore!:P hahahhaaha uhuh.

me: sheesh

M: with tht kinda lyrics..

me: hahahaha But dude!!!!

M: only YOU can come up with a song re :P

me: It is the perfect song your you!!!! You LOVE your mug
mera pyaar ek pyala hai is like so ... suitable!!! :P

M: waah waahh.. ustad DDD ali khan :P

me: what was your point though? That am a good writer? Or old fashioned??? hahahahhahaha

M: thot tt was not shero-shayari.. but stilllll

me: abbe chhup!!!

M: :P hahahaha good writer? joke tha kya? :P

me: yeah I write good jokes :P

M: totally living in the 50's dude.. tht was my point!

M, I'm still working on that song... by god you shall sing it one day! :P


  1. The war is not over yet darling, it SO isn't! :P

    And hello. Thanks a LOT for telling everyone that i don't answer my phone! pfffft. I *did* answer your call ya. So i DO answer my phone....sometimes. :P

    And everyone who's reading this... remember DDD's post where she asked everyone what do they think she's like.. well among other lots of things that i know about her, i can say this- SHE'S PHATTU NO.1!!! Ask her whyy!! Dewdrop will enlighten you. :P

    My dear pakau-chand, you know I so totally completely absolutely *heart* you!!!


  2. nahiii!!!
    mere wahan pahunchne se pehle tum marr nahi saktii!!! M... ise ab nahi maarna. main tumhari madad karungi, behen...

    and oye... u were born like in the early 21st century i think. so stop going to ur prev janam and pretending to be all old and wise and stuff! hmph! pretender! :P

    and yes.. tell us why u're phattu no. 1... pliss?

    p.s.: can u like remove that word verification thingie...? unless u've put it there so i can't comment. not that it'll stop me. hmph!

  3. Aah, the joys of having random conversations with old friends. Now, Ustaad DDD Ali Khan, zaraa farmaiye ki aap Phattu-giri mein kyon Avval hain.

  4. M: Yes yes dahlink! I love you too!! :P Okay last offer: I give you a lifetime supply of chocolate if you let go of AT. What say??? :D

    Rayshma: Word verification removed :D And I don't think I'll be killed before you come here... no worries :D And what early 21st century and all? I was born in late 20th century ... bad timing by a few decades according to M :P

    Never mind: Padhariye padhariye!! Phattu-giri mein awwal is liye kyonki hum kisi bhi cheez mein riks nahi lete :D M thinks not adding people you have crushes on is phattu-giri. I think it's common sense. Ladka agar bewaqoof nikla toh mera dil tootega... isse accha hai main usse kalpanik roop mein hi dekhu... hai na? :D

  5. also adding such lads would be injurious to their profiles.. :P and M yes you DO NOT answer yours phone ..and NO you still are a sitting duck.. for my pranks!!

  6. Winger,

    Haw! I have *so* always answered your calls! And DDD's too!

    You two are ganging up against me!


  7. Ohh thats it!?!

    I think you should totally add the hot dude. Let me go on a nostalgic trip here. I once met a hot dude, looked him up on Orkut and found he was single. I sent him those Orkut messages saying "how can someone so cute/hot be single!". He promptly replied saying he was engaged and will be hitched soon. Then came the embarrassing moment when I met this guy at husband's office and realized he was husband's co-worker.

  8. Erm...Ms.Phattu No.1,so how many such "kalpanik" guys are there?
    Zara hamein bhi bataiye!

    Oh and that rakshabandhan post was super-duper sweet!

  9. Winger: OH shush! Go away. You're not supposed to see this :P

    M: Heh :D We so are!!! Bring S and we can have an even battle here :D :P

    Never mind: LOL!!! Hubby's colleague??!!! hahahaha!!! And ermmm no... no adding hot guys on orkut or anywhere else. Will get into trouble :D Also... it might turn out to be a case of 'light travels faster than sound' and then I'll bedisappointed... jaane do!

    I Love Lucy: Welcome back!!! :D Dammit, M got me stuck with the pahttu tag now, sheesh! Kalpanik log toh hain bahut... lost count now :P And thanks for the raksha bandhan post comment :)

  10. Medha and you share a common love for things?

    Good that she left school a year before Tommy joined :)

  11. Oh and I got Medha to google up some dirty shit once - such a clueless kid only no :D

  12. I think I know what you're talking about vis-a-vis googling :D She HAS provided much entertainment hasn't she?

    And as far as 'Tommy' is concerned, given I wasn't around then either, that makes little difference :P

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.